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new skis

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I have recently "bit the bullet" and purchased my first set of new skis. Until this recent purchase I have always rented and never felt the need to own so I am pretty excited about my purchase. However, After discovering this message board, and reading quite a few of the posts I a bit worried about the purchase that was recommended to me by my local ski shop.
The skis I purchased are the Volkl AC 20 unlimited. I am an intermediate skiier if I had to rate myself, am 5'6 and weigh 165 pounds with an athletic build. The concern that I have is that the ski length they sold me was a 170. The skis that I have used as rentals in the past were usually 160's. I see that the AC 20 is also available in the 163 length. Am I going to encounter any unforseen issues in this brand or length of ski? Thanks in advance for any responses.
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Ski it and find out. I don't think you will have a problem and will get used to the extra length after a couple of days. More length = more edge, and that should help on hard icy days.

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165 lbs athletic build on a 170cm AC 20 sounds right. The ski does not really care how tall you are.

As for what you've read here about ski length, remember the right length depends for the most part on your weight and the style of the ski -- shorter for slalom, longer for mid fats, longer still for a fat / powder type ski.

My experience with a related ski may be relevant. Long story: your AC 20 is a notch down in stiffness from the AC 30, which is the current name for a ski that Volkl has put out in the same lengths and general dimensions, for the same general purposes (all around midfat) for many years now. I believe prior incarnations were (in reverse order), AC3, 7/24 AX3, and Vertigo G3. FWIW I spent some time on the Vertigo G3 in 163 cm and weigh in at 170 lbs (in decent shape for a 40-ish geezer) and 5'9". This was several years ago and I considered myself an intermediate at the time and it was the first ski that I ever realized felt too short, like not enough ski. I was comfortable on a 156 cm volkl slalom (race) ski, but NOT on the G3 in 163. And the G2 -- comparable in that year to the AC 20 - would have been a step down. I sold the G3 and went to a 175cm midfat and was much happier (and now am on 180cm).

That's a long way of repeating what Mike said. Ski it and find out. But ski it with the expectation it will work out fine. Different than 160cm rentals, but different can be good.
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Thanks for the quick response. I think after listening to you guys I am gonna atick with the 170's and work with those. Again thanks.
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170 should be fine. 163 would be a tad short.
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I have AC20s at 163 cm and love them. I'm 5'9" but only 150 lbs, and just recently arrived at intermediate level. Could you demo both lengths and see which you like better?
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