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Wanna see crazy?

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Dont know if it has been seen before, but!!
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I found that video a couple of weeks ago, but it sure is amazing!! That would be one of the coolest feelings, being able to glide, touch down for a couple turns, lift off again, and then shoot over a cliff and soar down into the valley!!
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I noticed a few times where he came pretty close to coming down on the rocks...Scary stuff right there..
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Ya I saw this last week. Its crazy. He searches for the smallest areas of snow to skim off of. I wounder where they are. It looks insane steep and really high altitude.
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I think that might have been... Chaos
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This video popped up last winter and I think I recall it being either on, or very near, the Eiger.

Pretty amazing.

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West then north face of the Eiger indeed.
Fran├žois Bon & Antoine Montant.

Check the "Sagagnasse" vid too. Long, but worths it IMO.
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That is pretty insane - but in truth looks more scary than fun. Alternatively, snow kiting is ridiculous
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Yup, that's crazy alright!
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I dunno...looks a little in the backseat to me

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I was going to say that.
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Originally Posted by Skiboats View Post
I think that might have been... Chaos
No, not Chaos. He does it without the chute.
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