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carving a future...

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Today I sampled my first carving skis - a hire shop pair of 160 Salomon Verse 5s - and am an instant convert!

As some may know, I was really apprehensive about making the transition from 185-195 straights as I've always tended to ski with my boots glued together and I feared my basic technique might need completely unravelling.

But, with an hour's instruction (from an instructor who raced with Alain Baxter as a kid!), I made the switch to hips-apart stance really, really easily.

I was ski-ing on a Scottish speciality - narrow runs of ice which melt into slush and puddles, interspersed with big clumps of heather and people on their butts. Hardly first choice for trying out new equipment.

But I can't believe how simple these beasties are to turn - you only have to think about it and they're off! Wheee! Everything I've been reading here is starting to fall into place and I'd like to thank everyone who's added their bit to the assorted debates and particularly those who've offered me advice.

Now I can't wait to get to Switzerland (one week, four days and really counting, to continue my voyage of discovery!

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Congrats on the discovery. good luck and glad we could help.
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So, how did you get your hips apart? : On second thought, I don't want to know.
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Rule-2: Exception to Rule-1. Recognition that life is not fair does not justify pretending that it's fair when it's not.
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Now Tag - you know exactly what I meant, even if I didn't express it perhaps as neatly as I might!

Ski-ing with legs hips width apart - that better then?! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Whatever, it works!
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Glad your having fun scotski. Which areas in the best nick up there? I'm hoping to get away for a couple of days in the next week.
The webcams don't reveal a lot, Except that its melting fast at Cairngorm
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... and the snow reports can be a little, er, optimistic!

I was at the Lecht - a good choice as Cairngorm and Glenshee were both stormbound yesterday - but I'd say it was pretty well skied out unless there's more snow soon. Far too much heather-jumping and puddles for my liking, but maybe I'm being over-picky!

I can't imagine it's a lot better anywhere else and unless it dumps, I'd give it a miss this week and see what next week brings. It's way too mild at the moment and the gales are from the SW, which is unfortunately exacerbating the thaw.

But it's only the first week in March, so let's think positive!

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Yeah positive thinking an absolute necessaity... This time last year I enjoyed two wonderful blue sky days in the Cairngorms. Ah well, heres hoping.
Maybe its time to convince some friends we need to go to Europe again (fat chance )
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Do they get much powder in Switzerland?

If they do, evenly weight those skis and make long slow motion turns linking one right after them other. Stay balanced and get up to spped before making your first turn.

going to fast, use extra heel pressure to slow down during the trun finish, but don't get in the back seat.

have a great trip !!
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