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Xact Question for Alpinord

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I have a question about using my Xact to set edge angles. When turning the knurled round dial that tightens the small file in the device, is there a way to make sure that when the "0" degree indicator is in allignment with the indicator line, the device is at 90 degrees. Is it as simple as whenever the 0 point and the indicator line are lined up, the device is at 90 degrees?

Is there a PDF file avilable from T4B on using the Xact? I could not find one on their website. Your site indicates that one is available, but, my Windows XP based computer keeps crashing in the blog section of your website (the rest is fine).

Thanks, and thanks for all your contributions to Epic.
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Here are the Xact Instructions. I'll try to track down the broken link. Thanks for the heads up. This is the first I've heard on crashing while accessing the blog section. I'll see what I can do there. Here's another mirror option for the blog.

Yes, the indicator line needs to align with the desired angle. Simply rotate knob until file or stone is clamped, then pull out and rotate asymmetrical knob to desired angle. 0 = 90° thru 6 = 86° (Euro) aka 96° (SVST/US)

Edit: for scraper sharpening, I set the Xact to 0 and use a 4" panzer. For side wall cutting, set it to 6° and finish with finer file, sandpaper and fiber pad.

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Thanks for the quick response. The instructions are much better in pdf as the ablility to increase the page/print size makes it readable for these old eyes.
Now I need to redo the edge work I did earlier as the analytic-thinker idiot who lives in my brain assumed he knew what he was doing.
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