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Avalanche Courses Seattle Area

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I am planning on signing up for an Avalanche Awareness course to be held this week in the Seattle metropolitan area. I am hoping to do some backcountry sking this year. I will probably end up also taking the follow-up Level 1 course for certification. The series are fee-based and offered both by Brill (Ridge Explorations) through REI and through the instructors at the Seattle Mountaineers.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on which provider would be more appropriate for an alpine skier looking to explore the backcountry (only gear I currently have is a new transceiver) and needing the appropriate training and eventual contacts/partners for the Cascades? I think the cost difference will probably be minimal between the two programs since I am currently not a member of the Mountaineers.

A quick response would be great since I need to make a decision today which provider to sign up with.

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There was a recent thread about this on TGR. Try a search there. Also some older ones here... In general, one way or another, it'll boil down to Gary Brill (assuming he is teaching this year) , Mountain Madness or Pro Guide Services. Pro Guide Services got a bunch of love on the TGR thread. The other two have long standing solid reputations.

Google will be your friend...
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