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Breckenridge 11/30

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Went to Breck yesterday. Got stuck there overnight and just got home this morning.

Not too many trails open but there was some good powder in the morning and on the side of the trails later on. A few extra trails opened later in the day.

It was pretty empty. No lift lines.

The hard part was getting home. Had to take a bunch of back roads just to get back to the condo in Silverthorne because of the stopped traffic on I-70 to the tunnel. Even then it took me 1.5 hours instead of the usual 30 minutes. Didn't even attempt to get home last night. Left at 5am this morning. No traffic.
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Also.. Breck is adding a few more hotels. Namely one at the base of Peak 8.

The parking situation is now pretty sad at Breck. There is no parking (free or paid) at Peak 8 or Peak 7. Free parking is now at the airport lot. $5 and $10 parking near the Gondola in town will probably be pretty full during regular season.

I guess the parking at Peak 8 and Peak 7 will be reserved for hotel guests when the hotels are all finished.

I probably won't be going to Breck that much this year because of this. I hate paying for parking and then having to walk a ways and then take a 20 minute gondola ride to the mountain. If I'm going to pay I want to be close.

The free parking is a joke. Might as well have people park in Frisco.
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well actually, the Gondola ride is only 8 minutes, and it is only a 2-3 minutes bus ride to the Gondola from the FREE parking.....

I am not sure where you were, but it worked well for us, way better than having to hike from the parking ot at keystone to the lifts/gondola.
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You can take a shuttle from the lot at keystone to the mountain house and only walk about 50 feet total.

Maybe it was worse for me because I had kids in tow...going from car, to bus to gondola, then walking to the lift...

Also it is slightly better now because they finally opened the gondola stop at Peak 7, so you can get off early.
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yeah, kids could pose a more difficult trip, but it makes good use of the lack of parking.... what they need is a nice (huge) parking garage.
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You can buy a parking pass from VR that's good for all the lots except the Peak 9 Beaver Run lot. I think it's $150 but I don't park in the lots so I'm not positive. On weekdays, you'll end up parking 50 feet from the gondola.
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Yeah..of course if they built a garage they would start charging like Vail... and it would cost $25
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Originally Posted by mogulman1 View Post
Yeah..of course if they built a garage they would start charging like Vail... and it would cost $25
All of the land around the gondola, currently parking, has density on it and will eventually be developed. Obviously VR and Breck needs parking and it will be garages.
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