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Insurance for ski schools??

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What sort of liability or errors insurance does your ski school have??
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All I know is that, absent gross negligence (e.g. telling a student - yeah go ski into that tree at 50 mph), we are covered by the school if one of our students sues. It's my understanding that this is a standard business insurance feature.
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Ski school liability coverage will depend in part on the laws of the state in which they operate. Some states protect ski areas more than others, so the area's insurance requirements may vary.

Generally speaking, ski areas that operate their own ski schools insure them against liability just as they insure their lift and other operations against liability. Most state laws require a minimum of liability insurance be maintained by the ski area as part of their licensing.
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thanks again guys and I will let you know what I find out.
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Why the question?

I have not seen a ski school carry and errors and emissions/professional liability coverage it is usually just workers comp and general liability for the mountain. The ski school unless independent would fall under the mountains insurance program. However the question of malpractice raises an interesting question if a law suite was brought based on the advice the instructor provided as a cause of loss.

The overall law is strong regarding skiing being an inherently danger sport and you are excepting that risk when you buy a ticket
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thanks Todo, I apprittiate it.
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