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Do you have any free lance instructors on your mountain??

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Do you guys have any free lance instructors on your mountain?? and if so, what do you think of what they are doing? Do you except it, or should they be through the mountain owned ski school??
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Considering all three questions that you have asked:

Disclamers? http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=76173

Insurance for Ski Schools. http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=76172

Do you have any free lance instructors on your mountain? http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=76171
and seeing that you are new here begs a question before a reply.

Why do you ask? It always helps to know motivation in order to give a proper answer to anyone's question.
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I would be surprised if there were many resorts that did not have some freelancing going on. At my resort, they are easy enough to spot and there are several levels of freelancing going on:
-staff pros working off the clock and under the table
-unaffiliated pros working a private business
-outside pros working under an off-site ski school.
Only the last option is tacitly acknowledged by the resort because it's associated with group sales. The other options occur too infrequently to require any overt action despite it being "against the rules". Of course, any staff member formally caught teaching under the table is summarily dismissed.

There are many pros and cons to freelancing. We've covered many in old threads.
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I am a residential tile setter. I have taught ski and board for seven years because I love it. Now there is no construction going on where I live (I moved in June and my wife has a job teaching kindergarten) I had one big job that kept me busy all summer long and did not allow for for me to do much advertising. Then come end bill, the home owner got cheap and stiffed me. I would fight him if it would not be so hard but he has a corporate lawyer at his bidding, and general's contract never got signed (my fault although I signed it) and the General has screwed up quite well, which the home owner took out of his pay, and so conviently out of my pay. All in all it comes to a broken contract and four mouths against one, leaving me broke still un-established and out of work. Sorry for the life story, but that is what has been happening with me.

I applied at the local ski hills as an instructor, and they offored me $8.50 an hour. My wife does not make a lot either, and my time is worth a lot more than that (I need more than that to do more than just pay the bills, new skies and clothes not included in bills). SO, I am interested in teaching independently, seeking that out actually.
Thanks for the the info rusty, and I hope that answers your question T-square. Thank you for all the advice.
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Sorry to hear about the problems. I understand getting stiffed after doing a job. If you can, throw a mechanics lien on the property.

There are some definite things to be concerned about. First is freelancing legal at your mountain/mountains? I understand that at some mountains only the mountain may legally provide lessons. This has to do with their contracts with the Feds to use government land for the ski resort.

A bigger concern is liability insurance. When you work for a resort you are covered by their liability insurance. When you work freelance, you need to have your own or risk loosing your happy home if someone you are working with gets injured. I'm not sure of the costs, but I know it isn't cheap.

On the whole, I think its better to be part of the established ski school. They do the advertising, book the lessons, handle the insurance, etc.

Do you have any recognized qualifications as a ski/board instructor? Those should help you.

I wish you luck in your endeavors.
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