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First Day of the season...

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AND the first day ever for my 3 yo at beautiful Wachusett Mt in exotic Princeton, MA!

Yep I took the monsters (3 and 5) for the season kickoff Sat am for first tracks. Game time decision early Sat am when Mom said - go ahead and take the boys...

Zing - could not have caught us with a police car!

BEST part was that (SOLO) I shepherded 2 toddlers, got 'em dressed, skied for 3 hours, gave them hot chocolate, fed 'em and got them home by 12:30 and down for naps before Mom got home from errands. No errors. No accidents. Not even an unscheduled pee break. Nice.

Little guy did great! Bored with the magic carpet and rode the lift up the bunny hill like a champ. Put him on the leash and he was awesome! #1 spent a lot of time waiting for lame-o dad and little bro at the bottom as he just took off on his own off the chair. Quote of the day: "Why do snowboarders fall all the time, Dad?" There were some dillies.

Only marginal old-guy stiffness the following day from holding #2 between my legs.

Also got to try out my 100% recycled "kid training skis." 145 cm Elan twin tips with bindings harvested from my sweet,straight, teal, red and yellow, 190cm K2 triaxial bump skis circa early 90s (black and light blue spatter pattern on the bases - cool). Much better option than the 165 Fischer WC SL I taught #1 on last year - esp in backwards mode.

Wicked mega fun day.

Off to a good start. Lots of snow though I am not sure how it fared after this morning's downpour.

Race league kick of party 12/11. I hope Santa's naughty little tequlia shot dispensing helpers are there again this year!

08-09 has begun!
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