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Salt Lake Demo ski rentals

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It look like me and Mrs. Zoo are going to do a few days at Alta, Bird, Soli, and perhaps Snowbasin.

I usually take a couple pairs of skis, remove bindings on one pair to make the weight limits.

Well, I've sold off my fatter mid-fats. This leaves me with PE's and Recons as my fattest skis.

So, I'm thinking that I should just do some demos. I'm tempted to buy some skis such as: Salomon Lords, Mythic Riders, Snoop Daddy's, Scott Missions....But, I usually don't get my money back out of them, and have to sell them at a loss.

So, where are the best places to demo skis from? Should I get some in SLC? Or should I get them at a shop at the resort?
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Don't bother with those skinny corporate skis.

Beware, tho - one of the guys who runs this outfit is a real a$$hole - he'll call ya a "***-******** ***-sucker" right to your face.
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Hum, perhaps he should have his bulbocaverosus reflex checked? Not by me of course. I have heard that they will perform this test, for a nominal fee, in rural Montana...
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Originally Posted by Jer View Post

Don't bother with those skinny corporate skis.

Beware, tho - one of the guys who runs this outfit is a real a$$hole - he'll call ya a "***-******** ***-sucker" right to your face.
I'm not gonna let ya talk about my friend C that way
Jz if your interested in demoing some kick ass indie sticks get a hold of us
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Do you/they deliver to Union area?
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We deliver any where in Wasangles
Need something from the state liquor store?
We do that to
Need or want fatties with at binders and skins
We got them
If you got enough $$$ we can have scantily clad escorts deliverer your skis
Happy ending optional
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I don't know these guys, but definitely go with a specialist. I demo'd from one of the mass market guys in the valley (for convenience, mostly), and they had a very limited selection of higher-end stuff.

Hmmm... I guess the "specialist" recco probably applies to the last and 2nd to last options above, too.
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FTR we don't condone venturing of the piste without proper gear training and suitable partners having the above. We offer a few skis with AT binders for people who desire them.
We do not have a permit or desire to guide back country trips.
Exum does this as well as Solitudes professional ski patrol with their "back tracks" program.
We demo fkna kick ass indie made powder skis and kick ass customer service is what we strive for.
We don't rent boots but would be willing to help you acquire
these from Black Diamond, Rei or other source. As well as tele gear and backcountry equipment
Feel free to contact us in reguards to any needs on your vacation here in the "greatest snow on earth" state.
I'm not sure as reguards to the "Specialist" comment but the Mrs. thinks I'm special.
If you doubt who we are and what we do feel free to contact us for Brofessional references
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As long as the DIN is setting above 8.5 I think we may be OK with this.
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