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Another LCC chain law thread

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I know this has been discussed before, but I didn't find what i was looking for after a quick search.....

Is the chain law in effect often?
Winter tires won't get you past the DOT guys?

I might get some chains....or just ride the bus, but would appriciate some info.

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The law says either chains or 4WD/AWD--nothing about winter tires as far as I know and I've never seen them check tires. How often is it in effect? It depends. Not a good answer, but that's the way it is. When there's a dump of snow, expect the law to be in effect with a stop (not DOT, but uniformed police/sheriff's deputies) just past the park and ride at the base of LCC. There are good reasons for the law as I've seen many cars off the road and others unable to make it up or down some grades and around some turns. Lots of times people try to get back down without chains or 4WD, or up early and they usually wind up clogging things up for everyone else.
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That was the answer I was looking for. Sounds like, "often enough".
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it snows on average 100" per month or 2 ft a week. So that breaks down to a 40 percent chance of snow on a 4 day trip.

The buses can get crowded with a good dump, so get to the stop early, but a better strategy is to ski solitude those days because the road opening is often delayed during stormy weather and you can be sitting for hours. You can usually drive right up the BCC which doesn't have the same avalanche problem and get the same snow, but not the same terrain.
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need help with the math devo

how does 100" a month translate into a 40% chance of snow on a 4 day trip?

i would say that the chain/4wd flashes only a few times a month. when it does,i feel a lot safer on the bus. they rarely go over the cliff.
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Maybe it is 30-35%. But I have made about 25, 4 day trips to Utah and I would say that I have had fresh powder on about 10-12 of those trips, not everyday, but on at least one of those days.
Look here at Alta snowfall history to make your own guess.

But that is just powder at the resort, what about road closures or delays? It has to be less than 40% chance, because if it snows 6" at alta/bird then maybe it is just 4wheel drive/chains but no delays. So how often does the road close or signif. delay, I am no local, but take wild guess of 3-4 days/month in Jan-March??
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