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Fun carving but bad habits?

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I was a little bored with the conditions on Sunday (hard pack to mostly ice) so I stayed on this one particular groomed black diamond a good portion of the day. I was carving GS type turns at very high speeds and trying to see how much I could lay my skis over on edge.
I would make sure that I could drag my hands along the snow (no poles) on the inside of my turn. I tried to keep my outside leg extended as much as possible while still keeping a good percentage of pressure on my inside ski. It actually was a lot of fun but I’m guessing that I’m creating some bad habits.
Banking as opposed to inclination because by putting my arm down, there is no way that I’ll be able to keep my shoulders and hips level. I don’t think that I could angulate properly because again, my shoulders would not be level. I actually thought that this movement would have a tendency to put me in the back seat but it did not. I would like a video camera for days like that so I could see my form. I sure had a hell of a lot of fun though considering the conditions. Any thoughts.
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Usually at very high speeds on steep trails you can get away with banking as long as you are standing on your outside ski, rather than your inside ski. It is still not good technique, but it works. When you get to the flats however, it is a different story - if you bank on flats youre in big trouble - or if you bank while going slowly on steeps youre also in big trouble. As long as its fun - i wouldnt worry about anything other than making sure that it does not become a habbit... or spawn other bad habbits. It is possible that you were bending over too much in order to touch the snow with your inside hand. If you normally ski properly i woudlnt be terribly concerned with it... if this is an introduction to highspeed GS carving for you, i would learn to do it properly before improvising any further, and possibly hurting your skiing versus helping it. Have an instructor look at your regular skiing and compare it to the bankin gyou were doing.
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Originally posted by nikonfme:
I sure had a hell of a lot of fun though considering the conditions.
Isn't that what it's all about? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Actually, you can angulate fairly properly and get your hand on the ground, it's just that your hand hand is closer to your side, and you need to get your butt/hips really close to the ground. It ends up being a much tighter turn with higher G-forces, which is why I like doing it this way better.

Be warned, it's an easy way to boot out, so be careful. I blew an acl booting out.
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I did feel that i was getting my hips close to the ground as opposed to bending which Greg thought I could potentially be doing. The high G-forces is what I was loving about that day. I did pop my center buckles on one run.

Greg, when I started to level out on the flats but still skiing fast, I felt like I just needed create more leg seperation to compensate. I do agree though. Time for a lesson to get the technique down correctly.
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Don't worry about creating bad habits. It's healthy and fun (and you learn a lot) by doing things like this. And you know it's not "normal" skiing, and that you are making moves that might otherwise be considered incorrect. The fact that you know this is what matters. You won't try to take what you are doing here and emulate it in your normal everyday skiing.
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Originally posted by nikonfme:
but I?m guessing that I?m creating some bad habits.
Based on you doing it by choice and having fun, I'd guess not.

Bad habits only develope when you keep doing something that you do not want to by default, and by not choosing to commit to doing something else that you would rather do.

Constantly choosing your intent and creating your desired outcome is what skiing should be all about. When you stop choosing your intent, and just accept whatever you get, O.S.B (other sports beckon).
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Bad habits? Who cares?

We've all been trying to lay down big arcs forever. I hope you had fun.

Thankfully this is a winter sport. If not, you'd be pickin' bugs outta your teeth.

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