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Boot driers

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Now that I am satisfied with the fit of my new Krypton Pro boots, I have another question. Are there any boot drier devices that cannot be used with Intuition liners?

I seem to remember reading somewhere that these liners should not be exposed to temperatures higher than 110 degrees F. I have always used "Hot Toemales" in the past (that kind of electrically heated stick that slides into the boot -- mine get up to 105 degrees), and they have always worked great. My shop guys think that I should be OK, but I thought I'd check with you guys as well.

Thanks in advance.
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In general, off the shelf boot driers run cool air or slightly heated air to avoid this problem. I think you'll be fine.

Alomst always I recommend that people take out their liners after a big day of skiing. The Gold liner in the Kryptons is super easy to take out and put in. That's what I would recommend. We sell alot of boot driers and it seems like half of them come back for warranty later in the year.

I take my liners out every night.

Boot Horror Story (one of many): A boot drier somehow malfunctioned and started sending super hot air and melted a liner. Could have burned the house down. I think it was a Hotronic model.

That was a rare case, most often they just break.
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forced air is MUCH better then just heat, works better, and faster.

hottonic makes a nice dryer. glove and boot ends, carry bag, EU and NA plug in ends, 110 vs 220 V switch, 3 year warranty
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