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Conformable liners in new boots?

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I had Conformable liners made for my old Salomon boots some years ago. I am now in a Lange Jr. race boot (small adult woman). It's the same size sole. Can I use the Conformables in the Langes?
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sure, you might need to get then re-heated to start wiht, but just ski them first and see how it feels.

re-heating will help them to stretch to the new shell shape faster, but this will happen on there own anyways...
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depends if it is a conformable PU injected liner or a thermo fit liner....thermo fit no problem as above...PU foam then not ideal
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It was PU foam and feels pretty stiff (and cold) inside the Langes.
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Is there any way to use them in the Langes or is it hopeless?
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The foam molds to your foot AND the interior of the shell, all the rivets and stuff get molded... putting them into a new shell from a different brand is a recipe for pain.
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sorry, that one is a no go, if you want a similar type of fit in a liner which you can move from boot to boot then look at zip fit, if you want a really warm liner then intuition or similar

best to have a chat with your fitter and see what they suggest...i am guessing that you are skiing quite a bit or have a problem foot to fit as you are using a PU foam liner in the first place
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Yes, I ski quite a bit (PT instructor) and am in the boots alot. I have a narrow heel, tiny foot (22) and medium forefoot, as well as lots of pronation and navicular bone issues. My feet are freezing in the Langes; didn't seem to be the case in the Solomons.

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based on that i would suggest trying a zipfit, it will give you loads of support around the rearfoot and be warmenr than your PU foams

one of the great things about them is you can have the shell heated, the inner heated and see how it feels if you don't like it them no harm done, take them out and look at another option

it is cetainly the choice of any ski instructrs i know and work with.

make sure the footbed is working fully to support the foot and you may need a little modification to the navicular area....get to the fitter
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