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On the edge

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Mom and I are getting ready for the Level 2 skiing exam, we may be the first mother and daughter to take the same exam in the east. The only thing threatening that is that sometimes Mom pushes her skis out to get edge angle on the steep stuff, instead of rolling over. She learned to ski back in the day in Germany and hasn’t shook it all off yet.

She’s worked really hard and is skiing very well, so I ask for your esteemed wisdom to help us make this happen.

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It could be as simple as her clarifying her "intent" if she has the skills to adapt and adjust movement patterns.

With high milage skiers the intent to "turn" triggers ingrained muscle memory, or habits that override new movements not yet as ingrained. I'd suggest a clear and deliberate intent to "rolling ski tips downhill" or "arcing tips into falline" or something the insure triggering release of downhill ski as first move. She need a clear intent focus very different than intent to "turn" which triggers old habits.

Sounds like the overall goal is to reduce excess rotary effort (skidding) to round out top of turn and dial up turn shaping blend (E/P/r) thru finish (vs. shutting down the skid). Rounder vs."Z" turns.

For starters back off on terrain to allow new movement focus, anchor it, then dial it back up.

Taking a few runs where she deliberatly displaces tails for the first few turns, then switches to rolling tips or arcing tips into falline will help shift from habitual to perceptual mode.
I call this "booby trapping the habit". Once more aware of old movement, adjusting is can be as easy as choosing old or new.

Also, ski some turns with just enough initiation effort to get to falline, without turning skis thru falline. Creates kind of a "D" shapped turn with a hesitation when both body and skis are headed straight downhill (practice on gentle terrain first). As smooth faline entry is achieved, reduce "wait" and arc thru falline into finish.

Also ski garlands trying to carve top arc just to falline, then arc back across hill. This creates awareness of "just enough" so turn does not get started with a lot of excess rotary baggage.

The challenge in an exam/pressure situation is to stay perceptual and not retreat to core habits.

If the skills are there to make the adjustment:
Quality focus + quality awareness = choosing qualitiy outcomes

Good Luck! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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How are you supposed to set edges and control your speed on the steep stuff? Sometimes you have to push the skis out (cross the skis under the body) and sometimes you have to roll your edges (cross the body over the skis). Doesn't it all depend on the situation the skier is in? Or am I missing the point?
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Alex: Speed control generally should be more of a line selection rather than a skid to edge set. You stay in your turn a little longer on steeper terrain so that you don't reach speeds that require "brakes". Do a search for "ski the slow line fast" by Bob Barnes. Lots of explanations there.

Chick: Suggest to mom she make some turns without pole plants. An habitual tail skid often is associated in "muscle memory" with pole plants, especially for folks who became proficient in that approach "back in the day..."
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Kneale - when in a steep couloir, you don't really have the room to ski that line out to completion. That's just one example of a case where braking, and stemming, and hopping are needed.
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Unless the standards have changed radically, I don't expect a Level-II exam to venture into a steep coolie. [img]tongue.gif[/img] :
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Arc is indeed a meister: differentiation is the core of learning anything. I love the idea of booby trapping the habit.

Kudos, Arc.
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I call this "booby trapping the habit". Once more aware of old movement, adjusting it can be as easy as choosing old or new. -arcmeister
Hey Arc,
I think I'll go try this with "the shuffle".

Alex, apples and oranges here/there...
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OK, my bad. Forget I said anything. [img]redface.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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