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Recommendation for Tall & Slim Suspendered Ski Pants?

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I'm 6'5", disproportionately in the legs, and have struggled to find Long/Tall ski pants that are sufficiently long. I'm fairly slim in the waist, which doesn't help (33 inch jeans).

Can anyone recommend any pants? I like suspenders/bibs and the longer the side zip, the better.
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patagonia is usually a "trim" fitting pant, also they make (or made) most pants in short, and long options too.

not cheap, but VERY high quality
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I have tried several Mountain Hardware pants that were tighter than normal in the thigh/hip area relative to their height. If you can locate a tall size, that ought to be the kind of fit you are looking for.
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I believe Spyder & Descente make bibs in both regular & long. I have found that Descente pants vary widely in the waist, depending on the model. Try 'em on before buying.
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If you can find a pair of Marmot Randonee pants in Large Long, they should fit the bill nicely. I've got a pair of XL Longs that are a bit big for me, but the Larges are too tight in the butt (I'm 6'5", with a 35" waist & a 35" inseam). I love the pants, but the suspenders are a bit futzy & loose on me.
You may also try marmotmountainworks.com. I got mine there for $150 last year.

I haven't tried the TNF Varius Guide pant, but when I compared the Randonee against a similar pair of TNF Hyvent pants, I found the Marmot pants to be much more breathable. They are half the price, though.
Here's a link:
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arcteryx has long versions of various bibs, but they are hard to find. millet makes awesome bibs, slim and long but again hard to find.
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Take a look at the Theta Sk bib pants from Arc Teryx. I bought mine about 4 years ago in a medium tall size and they are still going strong. I am 6' 2", 185 lbs and a 33/34 waist. They are VERY expensive, but if you have the money, they are worth it.

I tried on both the large tall and the medium tall in that model. The large was a bit baggy for me, but you might need the large, not for the waist, but for the added length since you are 6'5". The also make non-bib but still suspendered versions. I would highly recommend that you try both the medium tall and large tall in any of the models that you might be interested in since there is some length and waist variation between the sizes.

Having said all this, you might have troubles finding the tall versions at retailers. You might be able to find an online store with a liberal return policy. Order both the large and medium talls from them and return the one that has a poorer fit.

Good luck,
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Second on the Arc'Teryx if you can find the model you want in the size you want.

Their 'medium tall' size should be about 33" waist and 33" inseam, which might do the trick.
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