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Caberfae Peaks Sunday 11/30

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John and I will be joining Bumpfreaq at Caberfae tomorrow. Anyone else going to be around?

Look for me in my orange jacket

I'll be watching and waiting for friends, just like in this picture.
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where's that at?
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Its at Cadillac Michigan!
Ya comin' up?
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Caberfae opens at 10 AM

Clue, Don't be there for first chair at 9!!!!
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Sorry, I'd like to but am still hunting. Waiting til the last minute to bag one I guess. LOL Sounds like more snow coming Sunday night and Monday so next weekend for sure!
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Next week I'll be in Lansing for Risk Management Meetings. ARGH!
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There should be lots of winter left to hook up and ski in MI. If not we'll probably run into you in April in CO.

Has there been any interest in another MI get together yet?
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There has been a little interest in a Michigan gathering, but I haven't done anything to plan just yet.
I'll keep you posted.
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I was at Caberfae yesterday, impressive coverage for opening weekend. Little crowded on the lifts, but people seemed to spread out on the runs. Everything on the North Peak is skiable, even if it has been marked as closed on the snow report. Backcountry options were good as well, coverage is a little thin, so you really have to watch out for logs.
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Any word on when the South Peak will be open? I ususlly wait for that terrain to be available before hitting the Mighty C.

I was up at Boyne Highlands & Nubs over the weekend - Both had most of the frontside open with good coverage. Now I'm sipping a cup of coffee and trying to decide if I feel like getting out to Pine Knob or one of the other molehills today...
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Coverage on the South Peak looked pretty good from what I could see on the quad. I-75 was skiable, but closed, a few lines in it. South Peak also had a few lines in parts. The top of olympia had grass showing, the race hill looked good.

They were starting to place some snow guns on the top of the hill, so it might not be that long.
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