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Discounted Durango tickets

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Hi All, A buddy and I are flying into Durango for a 2 week trip (looping Durango/Silverton/T-Ride/Crested Butte/Wolf Creek/Taos/Durango) in late January. I've found discounts on tickets for all the areas except Durango. Do they ever offer them? We both are PSIA certified so that helped at a couple of areas.

Any help is appreciated.
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I don't believe there are any discounted tickets for Purg unless you get them through some kind of package deal. You should get a discount with your PSIA card. If nothing else, try to find a local with a season pass in the parking lot, they can flash their pass at the ticket window and it will allow you to buy a "buddy ticket" at a pretty good discount. Every season pass holder gets one a day. They don't have to buy the ticket for you, just be there when you buy yours.

Also, check on-line for the Locals Appreciation Days at Wolf Creek. On those days everyone gets a cheap ticket, no local ID required.
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Thanks. I didn;t know about the "buddy ticket"
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It's actually called the "Family & Friends Ticket" and every full season pass holder gets one per day for $52, which is $10 off the regular $62 price. Not a great deal, but it pays for a couple beers after skiing. Based on your trip plans Purgatory will be the lamest area you visit, so you probably only want to spend one day there anyway.
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