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Dobermann Pro 100 or similar

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I am in the market for new boots and due to my extremely narrow feet it has been suggested by more than one boot fitter in various shops that I consider one of the Nordica Dobermann series. The thing is, I'm not an aggressive skier at all-- low intermediate in fact and light weight 110lbs-- but apparently due to my feet I need quite a narrow boot. I'm able to flex the Pro 100 in the shop in a normal ski stance, but I'm concerned that they will stiffen considerably out on the mountain and they will be way too much boot for me. Approximately how much can a boot typically be softened?
I've also heard they are cold boots due to the thin liner-- does this apply to the Pro 100 or only to the Aggressor WC which I believe has a different liner? Also, if I understand correctly, the Pro 100 has traditional stance and the Aggressor WC has the abducted stance-- is this correct?
Any other ideas for boots similar in fit that are perhaps less race oriented-- I feel like I'll look like such a poser buying these boots and then there I am skiing easy blues! I also have a lot of dorsiflexion, so it's been said that I can go a bit stiffer even at my skiing level than if I had a poor range of motion. I'm just concerned with going too stiff, as I likely will need them softened.
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Doberman can be softened a few ways

1) remove the back rivits (on the boots spine)
2) increase the "V" notches on the lower boots sides by 3-5mm
3) lower the top of the lower boot (how high it comes up on the shin) by 5-10mm.
4) lower the top of the cuff by 5-10mm

keep in mind that cutting the NOT REVERSIBLE, make sure you want it softer before doing this

each one of these mods will take the boot 10-20% softer

aggressor is the doberman shape (95mm) just 3' offset. most high end skiers like the stance, and skiers with a natural ducked stance, or large "Q" angle.

most boots that are this narrow are stiff (race boots) but all can be softened.

also look at the new lange 92mm last (avail in a ZA/100ish flex)

full tilt (tongues swap out to a 1 flex that is silly soft, or up to a 9 that is 130+)

salomon falcon shape is avail in a softer/ cheaper falcon 100 Jr race boot.

Some folks really like the older lange 100 team as it was narrowish, but has a thick / puffy liner, med to soft, and old stock (cheap)

PM me, my store has a bunch of small boots. this years are not cheap, but we some old stock too.
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