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salomon verse 500 tuning

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I purchased a pair of used salomon verse 500 skis and I was planning on sharpening them myself. There size 162 and im 5'5'' and 140lbs. I dont know much about sharpening and i need some help. I have a Dakine edge tuner which comes with 2 files, and the holder. The degrees on the holder are 90 and 88. I have no idea what degree im supposed to use. I dont even know the recomended bevel on my ski. Can anyone help?
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Use 88

Lightly. (Don't whale on it, don't take too much off)

Tip to tail.

Tell the shop to set them at 1/2 when you have them reground.
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The base edges should be ground or filed to a 1° bevel by the shop when the skis are stoneground. If they haven't been stoneground in more than a year, get it done. The skis will ski much better. In the future, just use a small, hard, fine hand grind stone on the bottom edges to remove any burrs pushed up if rocks are hit.

The side edge bevel will be good at 2°, also known as 88°. The shop will do this when you get them stone ground. You can refresh this, or just remove burrs, with your edge tuner. Find a stone or fine diamond file that fits and use that. The files are for removing larger amounts of metal, and you want to do that rarely.

One tip...cover the edge with black ink from a felt tip marker, then remove the ink and the least possible amount of steel with your sharpening tool. You'll know exactly what you've done. When the edge scrapes your thumbnail, it's sharp!
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