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Aussie looking for review of technique (video uploaded)

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Although about to launch headlong into another long hot summer here in Perth, Western Australia, I still think about skiing on an almost weekly basis. This year my brother and I shot about an hour of ski footage for the first time at Mt Hotham, SE Australia.

Would any of you be kind enough to view the footage and provide feedback on technique? There are two clips: One (1) is me practicing my carving technique on a very gentle beginners slope and the other (2) me skiing some short turns after skiing over a small cornice.

[EDIT: non-functional links removed]

My concern is that my skis are too close together and that I am 'in the back seat' i.e. weight distributed to far to the rear. Any comments?

With best regards,


MODERTOR NOTE: The videos have been removed from YouTube. Check this thread instead.
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Yes, backseat.

Try this. Sidestep diagonally backwards uphill. Feel how the front of your ankle feels against the boot tongue. You NEED that feeling on your feet all the time except maybe the last 1/5th of the turn. You want the feeling against the tongue even stronger in the top 1/3rd of the turn.

Try this. While skiing pull your inside foot strongly backwards all the time. You want to push the same hip, the inside hip strongly forward all the time. Sounds contradictory, but works well.

Try this. At the transition of each turn, pull both feet very strongly behind you. Practice by pulling both feet back (not jump up) so strongly that you actually cause the ski tails to flap up off the snow. Do this every turn. While your head is straight ahead, roll your eyes down and note how much of your skis you can see. At the transition when you pull both feet back, you should not see your skis at all. During the turn you are probably OK if you can see just the tips of your skis, not the mid sections.

Some of your skiing shows some angulation and some shows inclination. You need your jacket zipper over your outside toe. Bend a bit more at the waist to get the zipper over that toe and allow the hips to drop more and drop sooner across your skis toward the snow. You need to tip your shoulders to the outside of the turn at the same time you twist your hips & shoulders to the outside of the turn, do it more, and do it earlier, and allow the inside ankle/knee/hip to drop to the know (drive the ankle, allow the knee & hip to drop) with the inside hand/arm/shoulder high and forward and the outside hand/arm/shoulder low and back something like this...

(Note that due to the forces racers encounter, the outside knee is inward more than the inside knee. That isn't their intent, that is the result of the high forces. Try to get the inside knee even more inside than the outside knee.)

Your skis are NOT too close together. They are just right...they are acting independently and you are well balanced. A wider stance just prevents the inside ski from edging and makes it much more difficult to bend the inside knee for proper angulation as shown in the photo above.
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I have a hard time seeing the skis in the second video, but in the first, it appears to me as though you are totally outside-ski focused in starting turns. I'd like to see you using the inside ski more in initiation by beginning to roll it onto its little toe edge while you still have some pressure on it from the previous turn. If you are "back", you cannot roll a ski onto its outside edge until you pick it up off the snow. So feeling the new inside ski roll onto its outside edge at the start of the turn would be a way of assuring you are standing more over your feet.
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You're a good skier - don't angst too much about it. There are some issues to address in balance and posture (your ski width isn't an issue, though) but you'd be better off having a lesson with a certified instructor on your next holiday. Get some feedback and things to work on, practise them and then perhaps have another lesson with the same guy to reinforce the message.

And as a fellow Perth boy, welcome to the forum!
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Use the front half of your skis to do more of the work of turning you.
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Hands up /forward

elbows in front of coat

you want the pressure on the tips, tail follow (as opposed to rotating the ski underfoot)
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There also looks to be an alignment issue. There is some "A Frame" showing up. As some of the others have commented on, you are in the back seat. Stand taller and feel the front of the boot. As for edging, your on the right track. Try and get the skis out away from the body more. Wigs
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