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Re-gluing skins

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Hi I have a rental shop in New Zealand and have a number of sets of Pomoca touring skins that need re-gluing. I have some re-gluing tape adhesive.
OK so I stripped off the old glue with a heat gun and a flat scraper. I then rolled out and pressed on the new glue tape, the skins were then hung to cure.
As soon as I applied the skins to skis the glue tape stuck to the skis and came off the skins! Messy and frustrating!

My question is; Is there a primer I can apply to the scraped skin to assist in getting proper adhesion between the new glue tape and the old skin?
Any other advice gladly accepted.
Anyone know of any forums more dedicated to ski touring?
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Err, weren't you supposed to iron down the transfer tape onto the skins, and then remove the transfer tape before applying skins to skis?
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