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Apres skiing at Stowe

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I normally ski up at Le massif in Quebec, or Owl's head near Montreal. Next week I am heading down to Stowe (Yes, some of us actually do travel south to go skiing!); I haven't been there since the early 90s.

Just wondering if there is a laid back, skier's bar around for a drink after skiing. Not really into the "tourist" scene, having grown up in a touristy ski town, I prefer somewhere to kick back and chill.

Anyone have any ideas?
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The Matterhorn is a bit of a mix, tourists and locals (Mt employees get Mugs), probably the best bet.

Others: Pickwick's pub in ye Old English Inn, great beer selection $$$
Rusty Nail- tourist
Shed- Local brew pub
Charlie B's- in Stoweflake, nice ambiance... not a local scene.
Ladys Invited- you won't find a more 'local' place... dive bar.
Backyard Tavern- dive, fun late night... no tourists, you may get stabbed.

Be CAREFUL in Stowe drinking, the police are going nuts with DUI arrests.
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I may just pass on the backyard tavern, but lady's invited may work out.

I am from Montreal, so we stopped drinking and driving years ago. A couple of bucks for a cab is an easy way out, plus since I am there to ski, I just want to have a beer or two to relax.
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Originally Posted by HudsonHacker View Post
I may just pass on the backyard tavern, but lady's invited may work out.
You'll fit right in if you have a plow on your truck or a deer in your trunk.
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