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What Ski?

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This is one of those questions that people at my level don't usually ask but I have not kept up with the latest skis cuz I am no gear whoe. I am one of those who think its the indian and not the arrow.

Well this here indian want a type spacific arrow

Many of you have skied with me and many of you probably have not. Pierre is a very technical level 9 skier who is generally stuck on mole hills.

Skier age 53
Skier shape, Garfield the cat
Skier weight 195lbs
Skier Ability PSIA level 9 PSIA level 3 cert
General skier profile: Finesse skier addicted to G force. Bindings set normally at 5.5 DIN

What does Pierre really want? A ski for damn near green runs of short duration (All Ohiya slopes) that will get into short sweet g force carves quickly at relatively slow speeds. I want a green groomer G force machine for short low pitch runs. There is not a lot of kenetic energy to work with and the runs are over quickly.

I really don't have anything that will give a thrill on the bunny hill. What say ya'll?
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Nordica Dobie Pro SL. B/C it is slightly less demanding than a full house race ski without sacrificing much in terms of grip or power.

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You are not going tele with this?
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
You are not going tele with this?
No tele this time
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160cm Fisher RC4 Progressor have you tried it?

My 170s for me feels like auto carving.
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Your choice of a ski with a 12 or 13 meter sidecut radius, mid-60 mm under foot for quickness, and about chin to nose high on you. I like Head SuperShape or Worldcup iSL. Or, any similar ski from Nordica, Fischer, Blizzard, etc.
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