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One stupid question

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Hi guys!
I've got a 2 ski quiver of 177 Mantra which is intended for use on harder snow (just love how it carves the shit out of the groomers) and 179 K2 Obsethed for deeper softer snow.
It hasn't snowed yet where I live and while I'm totally in anticipation want to ask you a question. Will there be any significant difference in deep powder performance between those 2 skis?
Of course I know the safest bet is to wait until the snow comes but wanna know your thoughts anyways.
Something to add: 5'11'', 185 lbs, level 8 skier.
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How deep, and where do you ski ?
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How deep, and where do you ski ?
By deep I mean knee deep and deeper. I plan to ski in the Rockies may be Utah or Wyoming.
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Yes there will be a difference in favor of the obsethed. While the difference in width is not that great, the obsethed is softer and has a conservative rocker. Also to be considered is that the Mantra is not that great in deep snow anyway.

So.....there IS a reasonable difference. IMO, maybe not enough to justify owning both. Personally, I'd replace one of them.

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