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getting fitted in my Krypton pro ID's

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Have an appointment at the starting gate in bondville VT Sat morning.

I will have socks, shorts, boots,footbeds, K Pro bag 'o goddies, 2 different pair of socks, thinner and slightly less thin.

I have easy feet to fit. Have already asked for cuff alignment.

Aside from asking to mold with toe caps (which I really think will be necessary based on trial fit of teh boots), what else should I take with or expect from the fitting??

I've never had anything more than custom footbeds and cuff alignments done and never really felt the need either! I have no really funky areas on my feet.

I'm inclined to mold the liners, do the cuffs and see what happens after skiing for a few days---
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Use your thinnest socks and put the toe caps inside them so you can slide into the liner. The rubber toe caps create a lot of toe room. If you want just a little bit of room another toe cap method is to cut the toes off of an old pair of hiking socks. Other then that it is a pretty simple process. Mold and ski.
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cool! thanks.
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mold and ski is correct.


Setup with no stiffeners, no fwd lead shims and the less stiff tongue.

I've never had a mold able liner before, it was pretty loosely buckled for the molding process, causing a very snug feeling ! I skied last evening in it buckled just about the same as when molded, same sock and all.

It felt like the liner was moving inside the boot and I felt that my entire foot was able to rub enough to cause a blister if I was not careful.
I also felt that I was too upright.

Further, I thought the forward stiffness was a whole lot greater than I expected---just surprised is all, since it was still a very even flex and seemed quite easy to flex in the shop---it was also pretty mild out last evening. I'm thinking that the added stiffness and upright stance combined to make it more challenging to ski than I anticipated.

My thought is I just didn't have the boot buckled quite snug enough , relying on a perhaps mistaken, idea that since it was molded to my foot it would hold just fine with the bare minimum clampage!

I'm thinking that next time out, I'll install a fwd lean shim, and crank the buckles a bit more and then see just what needs tweaking next!

overall, I think this boot will be great once I get the details ironed out!
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OK, I installed the fwd lean shims and buckled them a bit tighter and that took care of the too upright feeling and the movement issues.

They now ski very nicely!

Two new questions cropped up.

I have some booster straps and wondered if they would be an improvement over the original power straps??

The power strap in this boot design cinches the toungue and very little if any of the boot shell---but is in-elastic.

I also seem to sweat more in these liners than in other boots, which , in turn, causes my feet to get cold in a liner renown for warmth. I've tried Smart wool socks in both a very thin (too thin actually) and a thin sock and the thinner the sock the colder my feet have become.

I also noted that the liner thickness under the footbed seems very thin---but I've nothing to objectively measure against.

To be sure, it has not been real cold yet, maybe just under 20 with a stiff wind last Sat evening, but still cold enough for my feet to bother me enough for me to mention it!

any thoughts on either the boosters or the cold feet??
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try the boosters and see if you like em. Easy to change them out.

yes the intuition liners are warm, so you will sweat more. New socks at mid day, less layers, dry them out every night etc.
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Boosters, I'll try them this weekend . Thanks
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