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Degree 7 Retro wear, 1989, men's XL, PERFECT

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Here's an unusual opportunity. If you're looking for some unique retro ski wear, check this out. Degree 7 was a French company, founded in the mid 80's by Patrick Vallencant. Vallencant was one of the pioneers of extreme skiing. His motto: "si tu tombs, tu meurs" {you fall, you die}. He did in a climbing fall in 1989, the year of this outfit. I bought it new that year.

This stuff was very coveted in the late 80's and early 90's. It was considered very technical wear, and is beautifully made. Great fabric, detail, colors, etc. Nice insulation, and light fleece linings {pants, too}. Check out the funky waist and belting on the pants. It cost a ton. This set-up was about $1200 at retail back then, and it was never discounted. Those were the days.

Most of what they sold were one piece suits, which I hated even then. This was the most technical look. A pullover style top. It's a real dark plum/purple color, with a lavendar accent. I have two pairs of pants. One in the plum, one in lavender. All in XL, which runs pretty true to size. It is all in PERFECT condition. I'm not sure why I held onto this, but I did. I skied in this all over North America, and got constant compliments. That was then.

So if you have a need to step back in time, this is it. Not some stupid reindeer and stretch pants look. I need to clear out a ton of stuff, and I'm trying to raise some $$$ to help defer the cost of a very expensive speed suit for our daughter.

This stuff will cost a fair amount to ship. Anybody out there at $125, including the shipping? PayPal is fine

Check out the pictures. It's awesome stuff. Thanks.

PM me with any questions, for any more details etc.








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Sweet, I will stick to my S.O.S. though.
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SOS was a contemporary, for sure. One of my best friends still breaks out the yellow pants and peach colored pullover. You must know somebody who NEEDS this look! Downsizing is no fun...cuts back on all of this stuff that I've been stockpiling forever!!

SOS, though, was not Patrick's company!
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good stuff for sure!
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LOL. I rocked that pullover for a couple seasons from ~87-89. Any idea what size waist the XL pants will fit? Might be good for retro day.
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Now we're talking. I know exactly. The pants will fit a 36-38"; more like a 38. A bit "snug" for my widening body, or I'd keep it as my retro wear.

Too funny. I loved this stuff in the day! And it made some awesome trips. It is in perfect shape, and I don't know how as I wore it a lot. The stuff looks new.

You NEED it!!!
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Bump for a great retro look. This was the best made 20ish years ago, and the colors are awesome. Anybody out there at $125 including the shipping. PayPal OK. {It's going to cost $25 to ship it}.


Very de-luxe retro look from the drawing board of one of the original extreme skiers from Chamonix.



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Final Bump for Retro Fans!

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$125 ?


Are you shitting me?


Donate them to your local Salvation Army and take a tax deduction.



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Damn, I'd snap it up in a heartbeat...but It's just too big.


It'd fall right off me




Let's do it!!

Edited by Rossi Smash - 4/19/2009 at 02:05 pm GMT
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SOLD to a VERY good home. Thanks, Rossi Smash and Epic Ski.

Ignore Lars' comment!  This stuff is tremendous, nobody's going to be sporting retro wear like this.

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