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Axis X vs Axis X Pro vs Atomic 9.22

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Let's hear it. How are they different?

I skied on the 9.22 last season and really liked it, but am wondering if one of the K2's might be a better 'fit'. I ski East coast about 15-20 days/year, mostly bumps and trees, or short quick turns on the groomers. I ski west coast 5-10 days/year, mostly steeps, chutes, and trees. Will hit the powder when there, but honestly, I've been really unlucky with that so far so I have not had the chance to get good at it.

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Mack , you might want to try the betacarve 9.18 or the new 11.16 (these things are awsome).
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Ouch.. don't tell my wife about the title.. fuel to the fire. Actually, I'm mostly talk. I ask a lot about gear and stuff, but don't really buy it. It's me 'doing research' and gathering data to make a decision. Very engineer like of me.

For skis - Late 2 years ago I had some of the pre-production Pilot 10's which were not suppossed to be sold (was skiing on some 8 year old 'Pre' straights before that). When I hated them, I bitched at the shop, and since they are buddies of mine, they let me swap them for some 9.22's for a couple of hundred bucks (they knew some guy that was looking for the Pilots). Last year I bought a pair of bump skis (real good deal on them) on sale (new 1080 Salomons for $250). Then I broke the 9.22's, are getting new ones from Atomic for free, and the shop is letting me swap with the K2's for the price difference if I want to (about $100). So technically, I have not just gone and bought new skis (except for the bump skis), just sort of keep 'upgrading'.
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I am really sold on the K2 Axis.For what it is worth I found the Axis to be a better all around ski then the 9.22.Keep in mind that I ski in Utah and so edge hold is not one of my big issues.My gut tells me that for most of your east coast skiing needs The Atomic would be the better ski.It would also be an excellent ride here in the west,as long as you did not spend much time in the bumps.The truth is I don't think you could go to wrong with either the Axis, Axis pro or the Atomic 9.22.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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I agree with what Utah49 said for the most part. I ride the Mod X Pro in a 188 down here in SoCal. It does fine on the hard pack and bit of ice that we get here. I realize that my definition of ice falls short of what is experienced in the East, but at least I have a remote idea. Of all the midfats that I skied last season (every one), I disliked the 9.22 (180-cm) and Pilot 10 (186-cm) the most. They just seemed too twitchy. However, I tried the 9.18 in a 190 and was very impressed. That makes me think that the size might have played a factor.

Anyhow, I skied the Pro's in UT in 2-3 feet of day old pow and I loved them! I have never had more fun in the trees at the 'Bird and Deer Valley. They are even fun in the bumps. I haven't skied the Axis X much, so my opinion doesn't mean much there. The Axis skis are better in the soft, but the Atomic would get the edge on ice.
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Well i demoed almost every midfat out there and found for ice hold it was a tie between Atomic Beta ride 10.20 and the Volkl Vertigo but best overall ski i thought was K2 Mod X same as Axis X (new name). I thought the Atomic 9.22-ride ski had lousy ice hold. Maybe they were in need of a tune. Iam in east so i know about ice. I didnt like the 9.22 ride ski's at all.
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I own the Mod X Pro (same as Axis X Pro) and a pair of 9.22 Beta Rides. Here a a few quick differences....

Flex: Atomic has a much snappier tail, the K2 is more even flexed. Pending on your riding style this will make a big difference. I used to love snappy tails but as I changed skis and styarted making longer faster turns throughout the years I learned to love a mellow tail. If you load up the 9.22 in the bumps it will release hard, the K2 is more forgiving in that respect.

Edge: Harder to tell what holds better but out of the two for East Ice, i tend to like the K2. I think it's overall characteristic are quieter and more damp thus holding better on hard pack. Still these are mid-fats and I have yet to find one that really digs in.

Stability: The K2 is a more damp ski and feels more comfortable at long high speed turns.

Total assesment:
The Atmoic is a mid-fat freeride board for someone who likes race skis. It reacts a bit more like a slalom board in tight turns, releasing and snapping out of the bottom.
The K2 has a more even flex thus is more forgiving when getting in the back seat. It is also in my experience that the K2 floats better through crud and pow.

I personally like the K2's better. I live in the PNW and it suits the terrain and type of snow we get.

Both are excellent skis and you will not be dissapointed with either of them. You'll have to add up your style into the equation to find the ski that will best suit YOUR needs.

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For those that don't know, Mack just got married so his gear whorin' days are OVER

I'm going with the Axis X with Marker 1200 Ti bindings. They are $900 together right now but my ski shop has them going on sale at a big pre-season sale this weekend so I will pick them up on Saturday!

I'm sold on the Axis X from the demo I had in April. The only thing I'm worried about is bump performance. If it's not as good as I would like, I'm picking up a pair of Dynastar Assaults for cheap.

However, I highly doubt I will dislike the Axis X' bump performance. That ski turns faster than anything I've ever had on my feet so I'm guessing it will snake the zipper line just fine. I'll just need to be careful not to stomp it on edge like a trad slalom ski or I'll end up facing uphill!
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True. Got married. So as KevinH so well put it, I will soon retire from Gear Whore status. That is exactly why I am asking, because I figure this is my last chance before she fully catches on to my bad habit.

KevinH, I would not worry about the bump performance of the Axis X. I've heard they are great at that. Still not a real bump ski though!

(I would like to point out that even though I own a pair of bump specific skis, I'm really not that good in them yet.. for the record).
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True the Modx/Axisx is not true bump ski however I found it to be the best of the midfats in moguls.And believe me I need a ski that will give me all the help I can get in bumps

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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I will second Utah49's statements and add that the 181 AxisX is better in the bumps than the 188. The Axis series is one of those skis that has a true diffence in performance between lengths.

Later & Peace,

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I'm re-considering these two boards too...with the XScream_Series added in...?
I might also be looking at the two_ski_thing
(a first for me): narrower_hard_condition_ski & ski for *other_than_hardpack* days/locales..
Ex: Dynaster_SpeedSX or Volkl V3 Energy
K2 Axis or XScream

...but $$$_factor might cut out some TIME on the mountain...(with Eastern resort lift_$$$)

sTeVe : :
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