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canting adjustment

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I have a pair of salomon 1080 boots, last season's model. Can anyone tell me how to set the canting? The manual seems to have no relation to the boot in this area. I think its the same as the x-wave series so if you know how to set them it would help. the adjuster is on the outside, can be set with the arrow pointing up down or in between I guess. I need to know how to set it for being knock kneed. Also, what does the canting adjustment change in the boot?
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Self adjusting the "canting" on the boots isn't easy by yourself. It is actually just cuff alignment to match the angle your legs meet your ankles when you stand. It is easy for someone else to see this. By turn the adjustment screws on the sides you will see the cuff move left and right. With the liners pulled out and standing normal with your feet apart, hip width, you center your legs in the cuffs by turning the screws. Most any ski shop can do this for no charge.
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