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Volkl bevel angle

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I recently bought Volkl Tigershark 12 PS skies (BTW I love them) and after 2 days of skiing at Hunter this weekend was trying to lightly sharpen the edges with diamond stone and multilevel tool to keep them sharp as I do routinely on all of my skis. To my surprise I had to put 5 degree bevel for side edge to keep the diamond flat to the edges! It did not sound right so, I stopped and went to Volk web and according to Volkl "The factory specs of all adult models are the same. 2 degree bevel on the side edge and a 1 degree bevel on the base edge." Can anyone of the experts here please explain if it is me doing something wrong or did Volkl really went with 5 degree bevel? 3 degree I would not be surprised but 5 ... this sounds extreme to me. And what about their own site claiming 2 degree?
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It seems to me that you are asking us to speak for a manufacturer. No one with any experience is likely to do that regardless of the mfr. OTH, if your base bevel is set @ 5 degrees, it is flat out incorrect.

The basic set up is 1* base and 2* side. Variations off of that are personal choices.

As an aside.........

My current shop offers the extra cost option of a hand tune for every new ski we sell. This sets the base and edge angles according to what the consumer wants but it's generally 1* X 2* side. When we pull a file in proper file guides, we almost always improve the consistancy of the edge setup over the factory set.

After skiing a hand prepped edge setup....nobody ever debates about it again.

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SJ, thank you for quick reply. I am asking if anybody had an experience with Volkl preferably Tigershark skis and can confirm the side edge angle for me. I really like how TS12 ski and don't want to change it at this time at least. I might change my opinion if I see that edges getting dull too quickly.
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I would guess it to be unlikely that there is 5* side bevel on your skis. I have owned many pairs of Volkls in the last couple of years and they have all been true to 2*. It would seem to me that a ski with a 5* would be very difficult to ski, and it is more likely to me that your multitool is out of adjustment. I use a SVST pro edge beveler so I am sure that there are no mistakes.
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I would take your skis to a shop that can use a real tool in a real guys hand to check your bevels.

5 degrees is suspect. I would have agood look at your multi tool.

In our shop multi = junk.

Plastic tools suck / Steel tools rule!!!

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Last time I tuned my old Atomic C9.18 skis at a local shop they did it by sliding skis against rotary machine by hand ... I doubt that my multitool is worse than what they did. Having said that I will look into steel bevel tools as you suggest. Mid time SJ reply gave me an idea that edge might not be consistent directly from the manufacture. So, I went and checked the entire length of the ski edge and to my surprise SJ was absolutely right. While front side is flat at 5 degree it levels slowly to 2 degree as I move toward the back. 3 degree difference over the length of the ski! Sounds like I'll have to file it to be consistent. Did anybody else had the same experience?

PS I made a picture of the edge were you can see quite clearly the edge but can't figure out how to attach it ...
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OK Here is the picture of the edge. If you check out the first picture look for a shining part - that is a result of going over the edge few times with diamond set at 2 degree.

post #8 of 17 are using your multi tool backwards. The flat surface goes against the base, not against the topsheet.

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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post are using your multi tool backwards. The flat surface goes against the base, not against the topsheet.

Hahaha, I hope you are j/k. The second picture only there to show the tool. it s not how I use it ...
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Originally Posted by msinfo_us View Post
Hahaha, I hope you are j/k. The second picture only there to show the tool. it s not how I use it ...
Ahhh....good. Ya had me wondering for a sec there.

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IMO those plastic multi tools are not at all accurate. Our shop does both hand and machine tunes and I can say that our machine for the side edges is accurate to within +-.5 degree. I know this because I am the one who calibrates it. I would find a shop that can check the bevel on the ski with a bevel meter. I use the Sun Vally (SVST) one, but it is kinda costly so most consumers will not want to buy one.
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Msinfo_us did you run a marker over the edge when trying to match your guide to the ski edge angle to better see even material removal? A consistent edge angle will be easier to maintain, IMO. Might take some experimenting to find your edge angle preference.

IMO, a blanket statement of 'multi/plastic tools suck and are junk' is perpetuating misinformation, inaccurate and biased. I have a store room filled with SVST tools I'd love to sell, but it would be wrong to let this one go.

FTR, I've measured our Tools4Boards multi-tools against our SVST tools with both digital angle gauges and SVST bevel meter and cannot discern any substantial difference in accuracy. Certainly none that will affect my skiing. Because I suck too?

They may not be preferential for some, but they do offer a legitimate and accurate option for many, especially those starting out and not wishing to break the bank getting the ball rolling. PLus, their mult-functions have other long time uses when you migrate to dedicated, finer tools. I love and prefer my SVST tools, but do not feel it hurts anything to use a T4B polycarbonate (Lexan) multi-tool as an additional guide, compare angles, side wall cutter or scraper sharpener. In fact, they're damn nice to have around. There is clearly a difference feel to them and you need to adjust for that.

BTW, do plastic boots suck?
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When I have doubts about what I'm doing I take a sharpie marker and ink the metal edge. Then slowly pull my 2 or 3 degree steel edge guide down it checking to see how much of the ink is being removed.

I have the SVST steel edge guides. I tune all my skis at 1 and 3.

Lesson here is buy quality tools when it comes to tuning. Most of us have learned the hard way.

Also sometimes the factory tune is off a little, nobody is perfect. But for the most part the factory tune is the best a lot of us will ever ride.

It is nice to see you want to learn to do it yourself. Keep asking questions.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention you should cut the plastic back above the edge. I'm sure Terry above can give you some insight to the best way to do that.

I use a Toko tool for that.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post
Oh yea, I forgot to mention you should cut the plastic back above the edge. I'm sure Terry above can give you some insight to the best way to do that.
Yeah. Buy a SVST WC planer because everything else sucks .

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and hope you get some snow!
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Well Terry like I stated it was just IMO. I am not a fan of plastic tools, for many reasons.
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That's fine, JDoyal, but are you suggesting that the tool misinfo_us has at his disposal cannot be used to match an existing edge angle?

And FTR, here's a different kind of multi-tool we sell for the more discerning:

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I appreciate everyone help and input. Here is what I did yesterday. All of my skis are set to 1 and 3 and this worked well for me for years and since most of the edge fell into 3 degree (front 5 and tail 2) or close to it I filed it to 3 degree than used diamond to finish it -- basically followed the routine I used for all these years. I did only one ski yesterday and went to sleep. Today, after reading more of your advices I tried the marker trick on second ski. This made judging the angle so much easer. The second ski turned out to be 3.5 degree at the front and 3 degree for the rest. Checking the base bevel level with 60mm trick showed that I am very close to 1mm gap as I would expect and I am going to leave it alone.
Once again I appreciate all your help! I learned something new and it helped me to become a more confident and knowledgeable tuner (no where near a pro of course but better) -- THANK YOU!
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