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Boot widths?

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Does anyone have information on the shell widths of various models of boot manufacturers? Specifically wondering about what boots are in the 98-100mm widths? I think I'm in that width range.

Interested in Nordica, Lange, and Salomon.

Nordica Doberman, Beast, Speed Machine 14
Lange Pro Comp
Salomon Falcon CS Pro

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lange HP fit is 98mm, WC fits are all over the map, but 92-97mm

salomon falcon's = 98mm
salomon impact = 100mm

nordica Pro shape = 98mm (doberman = 95mm, speedmachine = 100)

also fulltilt = 97ish
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The recreation race from every manufacturer is in the 98 range. Tecnica Race Pro, Head Raptor 120 and below, etc. Why is it more important than trying the boot on and shell fitting?

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Lange Comp Pro:

Flex 130, width 97mm
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Lou - was interested in boot shell widths to give me a little bit of a guide as to general widths. You're entirely right though, in saying that the real measure is to try them on without the liners and gauge the actual shell fit.
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