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Top Gear helmets

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Anyone know anything about Top Gear helmets? I saw some online for pretty cheap but didnt know how they rated.
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Never heard of them. I don't think I'd be comfortable with a little known brand helmet no matter how cheap. "Cheap" and "helmet" don't really belong in the same sentence unless it's a brand and model that you know and trust.

I have a Pro-Tec helmet size L that I would part with for very little money if you are interested. Got a new Smith and won't use the Pro-Tec any longer.

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I might consider it. Can you give me some more info? You are from Pittsburgh I see...I am in Garrett County MD, about an hour and a half from Pittsburgh.
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Clearly they are the best helmets...

in the world
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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
Clearly they are the best helmets...

in the world
No, no. They're ambitious helmets... but rubbish.
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glad to see someone got where I was going there.
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