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Should I ski on Friday??

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Over the weekend I got my first two days on snow. Sunday night immediately after skiing I played hockey for the first time(on ice at least)in probably 10 years.

i was playing goal and twisted my knee up pretty good making a leg save. I couldn't stand on that leg for about a minute, but got up and finished the game. I walked out of the rink and to my car fine, but was in pain, went home took a shower, still felt some pain, but was ok. Went to bed and the pain got pretty bad, woke up in the morning and my knee was bent in a perfect 45 degree angle and wouldn't bend more than 5-10 degrees in either direction and that was pushing it.

I took Monday off from work, went back tuesday and walking on it actually made it feel better, but it still hurts when I twist it. I didn't go to the doctor (probably should've)

So now its Wednesday, mild pain when walking, pretty bad, but not unbearable pain when it twists and i have a non refundable hotel room at Sugarbush for Thursday night to ski Friday. Probably going to go up regardless of whether or not I am able to ski, the GF wants to get out of town.

what kind of off hill fun can be had in the Mad River Valley? Should i suck it up and deal? do I run the risk of ending the season (really really) early? tell me fellow bears, what would you do?
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I'd get it checked. You could have some minor damage that could be repaired if treated, or made worse if ignored.

Ice Lady had a minor knee issue skiing a couple years ago. Walked to her car and decided to get it checked. Tear of the meniscus(sp?) big surgery and rehab. She's 100% now but could have caused much worse damage had she not gotten it checked.
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Let's rephrase the question:

Should you
  1. see a medical professional about a possibly serious injury, or
  2. take the advice of random untrained individuals on the intertubes who haven't even looked at your knee?

I think we have a candidate for another in the series...
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I used to play hockey on Thanksgiving and Christmas day at the local pond with other somewhat over the hill neighborhood friends. It is often difficult to tell the difference between a "gee I'm really out of shape and strained something that hurts a bit for several days" and an "oh crap I really messed it up good" injury. At my age (mid 40s) I would probably get it checked out before skiing if it wasn't back to at least 90% after two or three days. If it is a serious injury not only might you aggravate it, but you also risking having your knee go out on you at a high rate of speed around life ending obstacles.

If you are stuck with the room and can't ski or do anything else fun maybe they will let you change the date for a small fee. Also, how bout contacting the mods and see if they can set up a quick EpicSki auction for your accommodations? At least your loss would go to a good cause.
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Dude, get it checked. The fact that you can walk on it is good, but it doesn't mean you're ok. There could me minute tears in your knee junk (technical medical term) and I wouldn't risk benching yourself for the whole season for one night of skiing the 'bush... I'd put that room up for grabs tho- you may be able to pass it off to someone else here and got your $$ back.
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yeah you are all pretty much echoing what I had been thinking, but the skier in me (and the optimist) has been fighting the fact that I may have something more going on here than an "out of shape strain"

I'm leaving work in about 10 minutes to go to the doctors.
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WOOO HOOO, I hit up the doctors, all tendons and such are intact. The DR. gave me a much longer and more medical description than I can provide, but from the sounds of it I pulled a muscle and am clear to ski on Friday, but was specifically told not to play goalie for a few weeks (not in my plans anyway). She said I am likely to have this again given certain traits in my legs (again more medical than I can intelligibly retell) , but recommend a massage therapist for me to see. The doctor gave was able to loosen my leg up a lot in the office and it made my knee feel a on better, so getting a massage on a regular basis may work well for me.

So it looks like the one "major" knee issue I've had is not that big of a deal and I may find an end to the other continual, but minor knee pain I've been having.

I guess that makes the three hours I spent in an urgent care center (didn't have time to get to my usual doctor) worth it.
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