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Ski size - Christmas gift

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Hey all. My friend demo'd K2 Burnin Luvs last year, in 153cm and 160cms. She thinks she liked the 160cms better. I ordered them online (2008's) for a surprise for her for a Christmas gift, in 160cms. They couldn't get the 2008's, so replaced them with a 2009, but sent 163cms instead of the 160's that I ordered. I'm worried that they might be too long. They didn't tell me when the replaced the order with 2009 Burnin Luvs, that K2 changed their sizes on the 2009s. They are now 156cms and 163cms, instead of 153 and 160cms. Had I known, I probably would have opted to get the 156cms, and not the 163's. So, which size do you think would be better for my friend....156 or 163? She's 5'5", 132lbs.
I would say she's between a strong advanced skier, and a weeker expert. She skis very well, but not very agressive.
I did notice with the 2009 Burnin Luvs, that the tail curves up quite a bit (the tail curves up almost as much as the tip), so I don't know if you ski them longer than a ski where the tail doesn't curve up so much.

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Don't sweat it. If she liked the 160 over the 153, then I'm guessing she'll like the 163 as well.
She's gonna be soooooooo happy!
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I'm guessing but...

My daughter has the K2 Juvy's. When we bought them the sales rep said that K2 measures their twin tips, tip to tip.

If the tail curls up a bit more that might be the difference (3 more cm in the air) so she'll have the same snow surface contact.

3 cm is only 1.2 inches with probably on 3/4's of that infront of the bindings (if it isn't in the air). At her level of skiing, it shouldn't present any negative affects.

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Yeah, what TC said. If she preferred the longer feel, she'll appreciate the extra 3cm anyways. You are a good gift buyer! Be sure to start off with "I have some bad news"...
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In about '05, K2 added a rounded off tail to all their skis by tacking a bit of length into the molds. However, they didn't bother to remark the size. Thus for about the last three years all K2's were about 3 cm longer than what the marked size said.

They "fixed" it for this year meaning they took last year's 160 and remarked it as a 163. So....'08/160 = '09/163.

It is a slightly stiffer ski than the '08 however.

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I just bought my wife a pair of 08's (last year's model) in a 160. She's about 5'8" and 130 pounds. She's athletic, but probably a good intermediate who's about ready to make a jump up to more of advanced skier. Just needs more confidence to attack the fall line on steeper terrain.

I thought this ski would help...am I wrong?
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