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Head boot user doc

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I bought some Head boots off eBay (a big risk, I know, but they fit great). But no documentation. Anybody know where I can download a copy of the users manual? Yes, I tried the Head website.

They are '04 Head WorldCup Ti N97 boots (that replace my current 15+ year old Dolomite boots that were already used when I got 'em).

Some of the questions I'm hoping the user doc will answer are how to adjust the flex (which way is hard/soft?) What are the hash marks on the spring loaded buckles for? When would you choose the alternate 'instep adapt' buckle positions? Are the 'Super Heat 3' liners heat moldable?
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not sure how to adjust the flex. Rivets in = stiff, out = soft?

other buckle position = different fit on the instep. (mostly marketing)

all liners will packout a bit faster with some heat, Doesn't do that much really, but will help the boot stretch over a few less days

maybe see a boot fitter to ask the questions and talk about the fit/flex?
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I do plan on visiting a boot fittter, but I want to ski them first a few times to make sure there aren't any comfort issues that don't make themselves apparent just wearing them for a while in front of the TV.

But the more knoweldge about the boots I have going in (to see boot fitter), the better outcome I'll hope to have.

The flex adjust doesn't have rivits, it has this small Alu plate with a screw in one end. You can mount it so the screw is on top, or on the bottom. One way is stiff, the other soft, but I don't know which is which. Of course I can just try each with a different setting and see which is which, but it would be nice to know how its supposed to work. There is diagram next to the adjust, but like the credit card diagram at the checkout, it never seems to make sense which way is which (note to checkout equipment makers, just put a logo that shows 'mag stripe here' instead of trying to show a 3D diagram of the front or back of the card and my thumb, each vendor using a diff diagram...)
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The bottom setting is soft the upper is stiff. The hatch marks on the buckles don't do anything, they are simply showing that the buckles have an active fit function.
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The little 'plate' with the screw in the spine of the cuff gets removed, flipped up or down and reinserted. That's how you adjust the flex.
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Dont expect the manual to tell you much.....its mostly illustrations. The instep buckle adjustment is for comfort hi or low instep.
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