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Flex & Fit Questions

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Dear Boot Guys,

1. Are Flex Index designations standardized across both makers and seasons? I'm currently in a pair of 2004 Tecnica Rival X9 Ultrafits that the maker's website rates at a Flex Index 70. If I'm looking at 2009 boots, from Technica or other makers, can I base a flex decision on that number?
2. My current boots were recommended as suitable for my low-volume feet. Is this generally true throughout the Technica line? And are any other makers/lines particularly similar?

I would love to get a new pair of well-fitted boots, but I may have to depend on my own fitting skills here in Tokyo unless I can free up some time during a short stay in SLC next month.
Thanks for any replies, suggestions, advice, etc.
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Hi Tokyo Jim,

1) NO
2) the Tecnica Rival is not really considered a low volume boot. I believe Tecnica uses about five different last shapes in their line, low to high volume. If you have a low volume foot, look at softer flexing race boots which generally use lower volume lasts.

If you like Tecnica, look at the Diablos in a softer flex.

good luck! and if you get to SLC, visit a bootfitter who can get you the right boot for your needs.
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Flex ratings are in no way standardized and very surprised at low volume rating of Rival. I would say just the opposite. Agree with Bud on Tecnicas to look at if you really have low volume foot.

Steve Bagley on the mountain at Snowbird can help.

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Thanks very much. I actually bought the Rivals on a previous trip to SLC; they were well fitted and adjusted by the shop. I'd happily go back to buy new boots there again, as I think they did a great job; the Rivals have been a very good fit though they have gotten a bit packed out now. Just not sure there will be time for it on this visit. I may be mistaken about the low foot volume, as that was told to me by a bootfitter at Taos several years earlier, who declined to sell me anything because he didn't have boots in my size that would be a good fit (now that's what I call damn fine service, even if he did giggle at my 10-year-old San Marcos and say there wasn't a thing in the world he could do to keep them alive for another season).
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Thank you also. Hmm, sounds like I don't have a low-volume foot after all, as the Rivals have been pretty comfortable over the years.
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I wouldn't necessarily follow that path of reasoning. Rivals could be quite comfortable for a low volume foot, just not very responsive. But it does sound as if you could use the benefit of another pair of eyes.

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What I should've written was they've been both comfortable and responsive, very quick leg-to-ski (if that makes sense). But certainly I'm going to try to find time to see a good bootfitter while in SLC next month, and if I can't I'll probably just stick with the Rivals for this season -- it's not as if they've suddenly gone sloppy on me -- and wait until I can make another trip.
Thanks again for the help.
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