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Recommend ski for an advancing woman skier

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Hey guys. My wife is on some entry level Atomics. She's got a pretty good carve down, and is starting to take on the moguls, too. Can you recommend a ski that would be good for an intermediate woman skier, that she'll still be happy with at the advanced level? My local shop is having a sale on last years K2's, so that'd be a plus.
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The best suggestion is to look at Peter Keelty's subscription ski site. His reviews are the best I've seen. He also answers emails from subscribers.

You don't give her height nor weight, so we can't suggest a length, maybe about chin or nose height. The basics I'd suggest are a mid-level ski that has a narrow waist, no more than 73 mm and a sidecut radius less than 14 meters. I know a bit about the Head line, and I really like the '07 Xenon 7.0 or the '08 Xenon 8.0, and the iXRC 600 (got those for my Mrs.) or maybe the Cool One or Every One.
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Among the K2's the Tru-Luv is a good and somewhat underrated ski. A step above that would be the One Luv. I would not suggest a model lower in the line than the Tru-Luv.

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Don't buy women's skis without first familiarizing yourself with Jeannie Thoren's theory: www.jeanniethoren.com

Not being female myself, I can't vouch for it, but many women swear by these ideas. At the very least you or your wife should be aware of it.
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Rather than buy her a ski outright, treat her to a fabulous session with a competent boot fitter then a day of demoing skis until she dies of exhaustion. Ski selection is so subjective, it's hard to recommend something for someone else without knowing their height, weight, skiing style, techique, and preferred terrain and speeds. In addition, that intermediate/advanced transition period can be radically affected by equipment choice (both good and bad), so give her a leg-up by getting her boots dialed in and letting her pick the skis that put the biggest smile on her face!
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We went to a boot fitter and got her some great high-performance boots last season. I figured the boot was more important, so that was our first step.

She's 5'7", 145 lbs, prefers blues at Taos (which are pretty steep for blues), and is starting to get into some black runs....even a few really steep mogul fields now & then. Preferred speed is moderate, and she's getting a decent feel for carved turns now.
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I would now go back to that boot fitter and see what he/she recommends your wife demo. Now's the time to build a long term relationship.
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