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New Tuning Tips Website

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I just got finished revising my website and would appreciate any feedback you may have on the tuning tips section and anything else.

Go to www.racewax.com and click on Tuning Tips at the top.

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I just checked it out. It is really well set up. I like how the tools youy may need are on the right side of the instuctions. It makes it very easy to buy if you need something specific. Great job!

Missing from the equipment list: Beer Bottle Opener :0 )
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Actually in the new FK Tools catalog (not on their site) they have a bottle opener with a DMT stone mounted on one end. So there actually is a tool like that LOL.
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Way to go Dr D. Nice layout, graphics and excellent content.

Hopefully, other Bears will also appreciate your time, efforts and EpicSki member support/sponsorship and support you.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Thanks for the kind words Terry and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

When you mentioned time on Epic I noticed you have 2002 posts. I'm not worthy!
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Doctor D,

Speaking as someone that is new to tuning, I found it informative and easy to use.

Should help to make me less dangerous.

In looking through the items you sell, they seemed well grouped and the ones I looked at had complete descriptions.

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Very nice layout & content.
Good choice to put the safety page as the leading link.
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