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Should Santa try to pick skis?

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Hi, all. I need advice about buying skis and bindings for my wife for Xmas. She's talked about demo'ing the last two seasons but blew it off so it seems she needs some help.
First question: does it make sense for anyone other than her to shop for her gear? If it does, I’m looking for recommendations based on the following info…
Her age: 42 Height: 5’2 Weight: 130 lbs.
She has been skiing on and off for most of her life, probably qualifies as intermediate to advanced intermediate, but she’s not a real aggressive skier. Each year we spend about 10 days skiing Rocky Mountain powder, plus a few long weekends closer to home in the Sierras. I’d like to spend about $600 but I could go as high as $800. Head Every One (formerly Wild Thang), Volkl Attiva Luna & K2 True Luv (‘07/’08) seem like possibilities. And I’m thinking 145-149 is about the right length. For her sake, I could really use your help. Thanks.
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If y'all aren't keeping it mostly to the groomers, you may want to look at some wider options.
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It's hit or miss with the fresh stuff from year to year but we usually get into a little of it. Most days we're on groomers.
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Have her look at the K2 Lotta Luv in 153 or so, better all mtn ski that she can grow into.. My wife skied them most of last season abd made HUGE gains. She is 5'-3" and 112lbs and skied the 146 I beleive.. She also skied the Volkl attiva and it was too much ski, set her back for a time.. The k2 has a huge sweet spot and at 78 (Beleive underfoot) has good all mtn capabilities.. Happy Hunting..
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Thanks for the tip. Can't quite afford the 08/09 model at $929 but Evogear has last year's for $529. These skis bring up the question of integrated bindings. I'd rather spare her the extra weight but most of the skis I looked at before posting are set up that way.
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Flying Reindeer yes. Skis no

Is this her present or yours ?

On the other hand maybe your right. She might need a little push and then really appreciate it. It could happen that way.
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Mine has K2 Burnin Luv's and really likes them on the hardpack. She's getting Volkl Auras for christmas this year for the softer stuff
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Cat, it'll be my present to her, I think she does need the push, and I wouldn't expect her to be super picky about the skis she gets as long as it's a good fit for her situation so I gotta believe there are a few good options out there but the market is huge so I'm looking to you all for help sorting it out.
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