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Kitzbuhel-- Febuary 15-22

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Heading up to Kitzbuhel during half term. Going with a friend and his family, and skiing with expert skiers! So, how's the off piste/black pistes/snow (how bad is it at the low altitude)/variety/crowds... pretty much overall challenge and variety?

Just say anything that I might find useful lol.
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kitzb├╝hel = depends on the weather
there are some interesting slopes

good to hear?

if your company knows the area you'll be fine!
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Nope, all first time. But the day before I get there, they are having a guide for the day.
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Oh, and want to add that I'm used to American resorts, I've never skied in another country. The best resorts I've skied are Heavenly and Squaw. How much bigger is Kitz than these resorts?
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probably more spread out and more comfortable lifts
and less snow
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So the conditions are going to be... eastern like?
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you can't say that in advance

they're going to be... like in the alps
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This is it right now:
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Have a look at these webcams also. They are in real-time and update every few seconds:


I go to Kitz every february half term and will be there rom 14th Feb til 21st Feb. I love it although being quite a low resort, the weather has to be right. Last year was pretty good but 2007 and 2006 were lacking in snow. It was still ski-able but a lot busier as everyone was crammed onto the same narrow runs.

Check out these cams also:

www.feratel.com Go to Austria>Tirol>Kitzbuhel (Kitzbulerhorn cam)
Austria>Tirol>Kirchberg (The 3S Gondola link)
Austria>Salzburg>Hollersbach (The Mittersal end of the Kitzbuhel valley)

You will probably already have it but here is a link for an interactive piste map:


Finally, two great pubs in Kitz:


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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
This is it right now:
Looks like it's open and in great condition!
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Not open yet, but it is evening time, you need to log on earlier in the day! (6.08pm in Austria now)
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Haha okay. So this pretty much sums it up:

Little or none challenging pistes, besides the Hahnenkamm
Expensive with wealthy folks
All depends on the snow as it is on a low altitude

But still:
Good off piste?
Little crowds?
Size compared to other Austrian resorts?
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lots of skiable kilometres, groomed everyday
probably more challenging slopes than only the Hahnenkamm

no need to worry at all
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