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How do you make your own ski/snowboard wax?

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Allright everyone, I'm posing the question of:

How do you make your own ski/snowboard wax?

I asked this question on another forum, and I was told it's probably better to ask the question here.

Answers that are just plain silly so don't leave them (and aren't surprisingly so...):

I don't want to know how to MIX other already created waxes. I get that.

I don't want to start all the way from scratch and refine my own crude oil. I highly doubt the wax companies of the region do this themselves.

I don't care that purchasing pre-made wax from companies is easier in your opinion or even expert opinion. I want to know for my own sake.

General direction The Discusson Should Probably Go:

What is the general starting materials you would use? I imagine it's a large amount of parafin, and then some other additives.

What is the process for mxing in the additives?

What are good tools to use to make lots of this? Lagre pots, 50 gallon drums?

What other additives have people tried and had work?

How do you get fluoro into the mix? How do you get Graphite into the mix?

Etc... etc... etc...

Thanks everyone for your time. Please help get this discussion going right. If we get something definitive I'll try it out. Once that works I will then write up a big how to with pictures and everything, host it online for others to view, and it will be the first article of it's kind online. Trust me it's not out there, I've been looking for days!
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I was told someone around here does this last year, but I didn't get a chance to meet them or get any info. So there are definitely people out there doing it. Bump for interesting topic.
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The old timers used combinations of beeswax, spermaceti, pine tar and bear grease among other things, but the details (proportions, cooking time, etc.) were closely guarded secrets that typically went to the grave with the dopemaker.
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Well, our own Dr. D. does it.

There was also someone calling himself wolfmanwax
with a sigline of:

Other threads on the topic I remember:

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Yep, I make my own but as a chemist I had a bit of a head start because I knew people in the industry.

People make wax from a lot of odd things (e.g., soy beans) but for the commercial waxes, some of the ingredients must be bought in large quantities. For example, one of my ingredients has to be bought in 200 pound drums.

I started 8 years ago with one product, now I have many variations.
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Ah snap... I need 5 posts to send you a pm.

Here is number 2...
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