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I have too many jackets. So according to the wife, I need to thin the closet out (to make room for more of her clothes).
1. Mountain Hardwear Gor tex XCR (can't remember the name) parka size L
It's glacial blue, which is a bright blue. Jacket is 3-4 years old, but in perfect condition. No scuffs, cuts, or stains. Retail is around $450. I will ship for $75.
2. Spyder venom series jacket size L--Red, white, gray~$50 shipped
It is 8000 mm insulated. It is also in great condition. I only wore around 10 times. It is one of the Big Mountain series from a few years ago. Retailed for $300 new
3. Spyder insulated pants--Black, size L ~$50 shipped
Also 8000 mm. Good condition. I didn't wear these a whole lot either. Retailed for $250 new.
4. Mountain Hardwear windstopper vest--Gray/Black size L
I got this as a Christmas present 2 years ago. I only wore it a few times. It is too small. ~$25 shipped.

I can post pictures later tonight. Let me know if you are interested in any of these. I also have a pair of Mtn Hardwear pants that match the jacket in a large (black XCR). I would like to sell those too. These all come from a non-smoking home. I am really particular about my ski clothes, so all have been washed in tech wash and waterproofed.
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Spyder Jacket

Post a picture of the Spyder Venom Jacket and the MH windstopper vest
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The Spyder jacket is gone, pending payment. Here are pics of the others.

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The Mountain Hardwear jacket is a brighter blue than the picture shows. The pants look a little dirty in the pictures, but that is just dust.
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To the top.
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Does the XCR jacket have a powder skirt in it?
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Sorry for the poor description. Yes it does have a powder skirt.
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Want to buy

Sent you a PM.

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Originally Posted by ut_hucker View Post
Sorry for the poor description. Yes it does have a powder skirt.
PM sent
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Vest is sold.
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Mtn hardwear jacket is sold too.
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Only the Spyder pants are left. I have a 34" waist, and they are a little baggy. They would probably fit a 36" pretty well. They have a velcro tab to adjust the fit. $40 shipped.
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