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Salt Lake Areas Xmas to New Year's

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I'm sure this is a repeat question, but...are lift lines brutal over the holidays? I'm on the fence deciding to do SLC or somewhere else for a holiday ski road trip. My wife & I have not skied SLC for 21 years(!), and the last time was over the same period. Crowds did not seem bad back then, but it was a sunny no-snow week which I heard kept locals at home (we were from cloudy seattle so we loved it).

SLC is my preference since a) best bet for early season conditions, b) my boys haven't been there, c) we can sample lots of different areas, and d) I always like to hit other places. The (only) drawback to me is crowds, so if someone can help me out with a best-guess as to what to expect, great. It's getting down to crunch time since I want to buy a utah superpass if we end up doing SLC (deadline to buy is days away).
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Last year, I did Snowbasin and Powder mountain during that time frame. Assuming that they get enough snow by then, it will definitely be lighter on crowds. We stayed at a hotel in Layton and made the half hour drive to ski area each day. Similar to driving to Cottonwood canyons from SLC.
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I think the lines are horrible and won't ski over the holiday period unless we get some visitor and I really have to (even then I'll still try to get out of it). This year with the limited snow we've had so far and the poor economy, we might not have the crowds we draw most years. Then again, unless we get significantly more snow, it probably isn't worth coming here then. That said, last year the conditions were worse at this time and the skiing wound up being great.
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Thanks for the feedback. What I really don't like is the fact that I have to make a decsion on that superpass no later than Monday without knowing what the conditions will be like late Dec. Since we would be driving from Seattle, my other options are MT and/or SE B.C. I think I will skip the superpass and see what the conditions are by the time we head out - if UT has the best snow, then we'll deal with the crowds and go for it. Thanks again.
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If everything is full operation in Utah you should be fine. Snowbasin, Powder Mt. and Solitude rarely have enough lines to be bothersome. Deer Valley limits sales and The Canyons spreads out well once you get through the base area in the morning.

It's the poor snow Christmas seasons when you have to worry about crowds. Conditions at the Park City group can be sketchy, so people staying there come around to places like Alta and it can be a real zoo.
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