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K2 Obsethed question

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Hello, dear Bears!
Just got a pair of 179 Obsethed. I want this ski as a one ski quiver but still powder oriented. I was recommended at the shop to mount a pair of PX12 bindings at +3. After the bindings had been mounted I found out that the tip looked fairly short while the tail looked long.
So want to know your opinion. Do you think this skis will work well in powder at +3 or should i redrill it or something?
Thanks in advance.
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+3mm or cm? How heavy are you?

Either way, I'd try them before you go redrilling them. Online opinions of how they'll work differ largely from what may actually work for you specifically. If you get on them and find they don't suit your tastes then by all means remount. Until then, deep breaths kemosabe.
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I'm 180 lbs. As to your question +3 cm.
I want them to be sopportable on groomers and decent in the pow.
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That is a bit forward, but try them before you decide you don't like it. If they end up being too squirrelly, move em back but I'd have to have you move them back only to find you would have wanted them more forward, y'know?
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Thank you DoWork, that's clear.
My main concern is the tip dive, don't want to mess with it.
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