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We got 15 more overnight. They could go 100%, but it will take time to control everything. The BC will be scary for a while.
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You've had a great snow week there. Aspen is now at 156% of normal snow. Nonetheless 0% of Snowmass advanced/expert runs are open, 33% at Highlands and 66% at Ajax. About half of total terrain at all 4 mountains is open. I realize the jury is out in terms of control work and those numbers may go up later this week. No big deal to the locals, but small consolation to the out-of-town visitor who may have to go home before the control work is completed.

However: Vail is 101% of normal and 79% open and Snowbird is below average and 75% open. If Aspen were average instead of 56% above, far less than half of terrain would be open and just a tiny fraction of advanced/expert runs. Thus my opinion stands that it is unwise to commit $$ to fly in from across the country to Aspen in mid-December before you know whether there will be enough snow.

I also note that Targhee is now at 100%. The historical pattern does work out most of the time.
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All is well that ends well

Hotel parking lot in Aspen valley this morning.
Only trouble about Aspen it is a terrible place to get in an get out of by air. We circled for 30 minutes on the way in and very luckily had an opening to touch down in, and tomorrows travel plans are in disarray because yet another storm is moving in the afternoon which will likely prevent us getting out of here.

As far as what is open, most of Highlands if now open and ditto for Ajax.
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nice data! nice pictures

I bet Telluride is also getting above average snowfall so far...

According to the forecasts, do you think most resorts in Summit County could be 100% open by Xmas? (except A-Basin...)

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I skied Friday and Saturday at Breck and today at Copper. Coverage is increasing, but it is still early season. Copper has a lot of terrain it has not opened, in part because they seem to never open Copper bowl until they have tons of snow (often the beginning of January) but I also suspect that it may have more to do with saving money. It was amazing today -- there was virtually no one there, even though they had at least 8 inches of new snow. It was cold, though.

There will be ample terrain open by Xmas to ski advanced terrain in Summit County, you needn't worry about that; in fact, it already is open at Breck. But I suspect that some terrain will not open unless we get slammed this week, which is possible (and perhaps likely).

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should be good coverage for xmas, but for me great skiing means snow at least in the last 3-4 days.
another good storm coming today and it is snow snow snow in the forecast.
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Summit County is now dead on average in terms of terrain open for this time of year, based upon the stats going back to 1988. So people should assume that what's usually open by Christmas will be, and what's not (Copper Bowl and lots of A-Basin are good examples) won't be.
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