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Do you honestly think that you ski better with your feet together? <---- disclaimer: real question, not anti-PMTS flamebait
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epic, I'll let SnoKarver speak for himself, but I skied thirty years with my skis together and at this time I can and do ski either/or, it doesnt make much difference as long as they are not locked and allow independent leg action.

The same holds true for dominant outside ski weighting or more equal weighting, I just do what I need to do at any one time on any one terrain.

Skiers who came into skiing lately, I mean within the last 25 years, may have never learned to ski with in a close stance and find it hard.

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I do both as well, but am not certified PSIA or PMTS. Correct me if I'm wrong about this, but PSIA currently endorses a wider stance while PMTS calls for a very tight stance (tight enough to grip a glove between your boots). I'm wondering if SnoKarver feels that one stance fits all as it seems that Harb does, or if he feels that both have their merits. I know that I can't carve two footed on my P50SLs with the same stance that I would use in powder on my XXXs.
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I agree with epic a lot. For me it is a matter of how much edge angle you need (as Ott says--whatever I need). The skiers I admire who can really lay an edge over at speed CANNOT do this with a closed stance. There is no room for the inside leg.
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So Weems, you folks teach a direct to parallel program without always using the narrow stance? That's interesting!
One thing I should clarify. Having skied with PSIA bears, and having met SCSA in person, you folks are not that far apart in your philosphies on this. I've had PSIA instructors tell me my stance was sometimes too wide, and SCSA does not use a "boot locked" stance.
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We don't advocate any special width of stance. We let the student find her own comfort stance.

We don't even care about parallel. We let that occur as a result of other stuff. (And it does!)We just don't use the wedge as the platform from which all skiing derives.

We teach the wedge, and the side slip, and whatever the skier needs.

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First off, congratulations SnoKarver!
Seems we've gone off track here.
After some official exposure to PMTS(thanks Arcmiester, excellent clinic), I agree with the narrow stance concept as a teaching tool. However, speed and high edge angle require "loosening up" a bit.
Several years ago Aldo Radamus talked about "grouping" which he described as the effect you get when you corner a bicycle with the outside pedal down and the inside up. The feet are quite aways apart but not very far from the centerline(width of the bottom bracket). In skiing this produces a pretty wide stance during edge change as it would be inefficient to "narrow" then split again. Mind you, we're talking high speed and edge angles. I've also noticed after, watching HH and others ski with thier feet tight together, that it takes an "up" motion to get across the skis to change edges. This is an interruption of the constant flow of the center of mass towards the bottom of the hill.
In general, I like the approach and organization of PMTS. As with all "systems" you can't get hung up on one thing.(as many of us like to do) I've been using a lot of these things for a number of years(I've also been clinicing with Arc for a lot of years). You have to look at the whole package and not get "dogmatic" about it. I think it was SnoKarver, in another thread, who said "whatever helps my student to learn is what I'll teach". That's the way it should be.
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You got it SLATZ. It's vertical separation...

When I am clinicing/learning in the PMTS camps, there is a standard, with the feet close together. Which is just fine.

If the feet are together at the release, that's a good thing. If they come apart in the "meat" of the turn a little, it's O.K., but not too much. Just like the analogy of the bicycle, vertical separtaion is one thing, lateral is another...

Kewl SLATZ. Didn't know you got some of the training. Arcmeister is kinda famous in the PMTS world... Id like to ski with both of you, someday!

I think I'm gonna start another thread on dynamic stability vs static stability, etc. With pictures and links...
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I can't decide on this stance thing. Some days I want to ski wide, other days my knees are tangling all day and I'm chopping chunks out of my ski boots. Several of my friends in Australia ski with the legs totally together, yet they ski more terrain faster and with more skill than many people with gold badges on here in the US.

I teach my guests to ski a comfy stance, although if they have their legs together and their skiing is poor, I coach them to pull them apart an inch or so.

Here's a funny thing though, when doing really aggressive fast short turns, my legs never touch. Weird!

Harb's teaching thingy looks just like PSIA's new GCT toy. I don't like the artificiality of it, but the widened focus on what's going on in the guests' heads is useful and valid, IMO.
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I looked at your link. I'm curious as to why you referred to EpicSki as simple One of the best ski forums on the net

What other forum is in this league?
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wow. SnoKarver fixed that one fast.

now it just says "The Best" [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well, DUH! EpicSki.com is the best on the net for discussions and forums. Buncha drooling skifreaks here!

Powdermag is O.K., but I like to "nerd out" with my fellow instructors...

Hmmm, I didn't change a thing. Actually, that silly site is not very active, but it's a good place to upload and download stuff. Like pictures.

Recently registered "weiguy.biz" and "weisguy.info". Catchy and silly, just like me! Gotta find a good place to host that domain. Since I'm moving to the front range for work, I'll be messing around with that soon. Gotta get more content up there...
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Better late than never...
Congratulations SK! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Just curious.

If I told you that by going thru Harb's certification;
1) Your skiing will improve
2) You'll make more money
3) Your teaching will improve

would you do it?
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No! Now, if Ott, Bob, Arc, Snowkarver, Todd, Weems, VSP et al told me....maybe!
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I could be wrong, but Todd would probably tell you to experiment with as many ideas as possible!
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I recommend to all ski instructors, and even folks who think they "might" want to be instructors.

There, now I said it :
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We've had some go through it and love it. We've had others that were underwhelmed.

We won't use it in our pay grid.
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Just curious guys. Does PTMS certification qualify for ISIA? Snowcarver? SCSA?
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The folks who don't like it tend to "argue" about it before trying what is going on. And presume that they already know what's up. I did that a little last year, when I passed the Green, which made it much harder.

The pay grid does not matter too much to me. My student's fulfillment matters more. However, I'm in a unique position at Breck, and I would be probably be paid less at another ski resort.

[ April 23, 2002, 05:03 PM: Message edited by: SnoKarver ]
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To answer your question, no. PSIA is the internationally recognized ski instruction organization for the US.

Just like most sports have a national governing body (NGB) which answers to the international level of administration. The international bodies find it cumbersome to deal with more than a single organization from each country.

And even then, there are many countries which are not recognized by ISIA, mostly eastern european countries.

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