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Wateas or Prophets (94/101 90/100)

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Looking to buy one of these for an out West ski. Me 5'10", 195. Ski fairly aggresive but not crazy fast.

On bigger days the 101/100 would offer better performance. But when you fly to the mountains, you get what you get.

I usually take two pairs of skis, so on piste performance is not really a point of differentiation. I have RX8s and like the feel and versatility of that ski. But the Prophet reviews tend to be more "passionate", for lack of a better word.

After the fresh tracks out a bit, i tend to prefer moguls and bumped up runs instead of open chunked powder runs. (like Fred's trees or some of the stuff under Wildcat at Alta) And in the spring soft bumps and slush bumps are on my list as well.

Any thoughts would be appreciated on:
Watea vs Prophet, especially with regard to:
mogul performance
manueverability in tight trees

suggested length

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Well, I can't comment on the Prophets, as I have not skied them, but I brought the Wateas (84 and 94) on three trips to Alta last year and they rocked. The 94 is the best overall choice. I did a bunch of runs off Wildcat on a powder day in April, and the 94s were awesome in chutes and bumps. And of course they slay the crud. I did wish for more float in deep powder, but I am not willing to take the tradeoff that would affect everything else. BTW, I never felt the need for a groomer ski out there -- the Wateas ski nicely on the groomers. So I consider the 94 to be an ideal one-ski quiver for Alta.

As far as maneuverability in trees and bumps, it took some growing into, but this was a function of the ski's width and length (186cm) and my skills. I have the same gripe with any ski over about 90mm waist and 185cm length -- they start out feeling a bit ponderous underfoot. Overall, the Watea's sidecut and short radius (relatively speaking) would only help in this regard, since it's one of the shorter turning skis in its category. Once I got confident on these skis, I was charging through everything without a worry. The Wateas really do power through, around, and over pretty much anything you will encounter out there.

I wrote reviews on both the 84 and 94 that are floating around in the Gear Reviews section.
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I've skied the Watea 84s for three days (and their predecessor, the Big Stix 84s, for a couple of dozen). I've not skied the Prophet series, although one of my fellow patrol candidates used 100s as his soft snow skis to complement AC40s.

Both are well made skis (both companies are, IMHO, in the top rank of builders in the industry), but I suspect that these two lines will ski very differently. The Lines will be a bit more jib-friendly and also more forgiving. The Fischers will have more of the Fischer feel -- great edge hold for their stiffness (relative to other skis) and moderately lively. I haven't skied any of the skis in question, but I'd expect the Fischers to be significantly stiffer and to perform better in mixed and crud conditions, while the Lines might perform better in untracked powder.

If you're planning to bring two pairs of skis with you, I'd tend wider rather than narrower to give yourself the broadest sweet spot. And since you already like the Fischer feel, I'd tend that way.

But especially since you're at the point in the season when great deals are few and far between, I'd demo for a day or two to see what you think.
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I have last year's Watea 94s and the inital year's 101s, which was before they put in the carbon I-beam, so the 101s are softer than the newer ones. They are both excellent skis and handle bumps very well for their waist sizes because of their mellow even flex. I suspect the current model 101s would be a little more of a handful in the bumps, but they are still a light and lively ski with almost zero camber. The turned up tails make the 101 virtually a twin tip, so they ski much shorter than their 193 length.

I enjoy the big oozy feeling of the 101s and how you can run them into a bump and get a smooth predictable reaction, much like my old 208cm Volant G-maxs. If you are going to use a 193cm/101mm ski for the bumps I don't think you would find many that would work better than the Wateas, and in the powder they rock. In heavier crud the soft front end tends to flap a little, but that does not stop them from going right where you point'm.
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