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Ok here it goes! I have been skiing since I was a kid, mainly in Killington. I am 46 years old and use to ski 100 days a year before I had kids! I am skiing around 40-50 days a year now!

I use to ski on 210 GS Race Ski most of the time, I had a few other skis in the quiver also, but I loved being on the 210 GS ski.

I switch over to a newer style ski a few years back, I ended up buying a Volkl P60 GC in a 173 and really loved it until I started to wick it up on Superstar, Wildfire etc. it just wasn't long enough, so I sold it and bought a 182 which really fit the bill!

Well I am now Ski Patroling and I want to go back to either a 173 Volkl P60 which I haven't found or buy another ski that is comparable! The reason for this is this, I am skiing in PA mostly and go to Killington a few times a year to ski and see friends, so the shorter length in a GS ski gives me the performance that I like and it isn't as tiring!

I did find myself getting tired being on the 183's all day. I would like to find something that has the same edge hold and performance, but is a little more forgiving.

I am open to all suggestions. Thank you in advance for all of your help.

Best regards,

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There are about a zillion "all-mountain" skis that could potentially work. A few come to mind that I demoed last year:

Head SuperShape (the "normal" or "speed" version is more like a race carver; the "magnum" is a little wider but more stable)
Volkl AC3/AC4 (I didn't like them, but if you liked other Volkls maybe you would)
K2 Apache Recon/Crossfire
Dynastar Contact 10/11/Limited
Elan Magfire 12/14

I have heard a lot of good things about the Fischer RX-8 and various Nordicas (Hot Rod/Nitrous/Jet Fuel/Top Fuel), but have not skied them myself.

If you want something that is focused on frontside performance/edge hold, I'd look at the SuperShapes, Contacts, RX-8, or the Nordicas.
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The replacement for the P60 is the Race Tiger, which comes in a couple of different versions just like the P60 (i.e. GS, SL, FIS, etc.) . The Race Tiger RC is the rec version, somewhat toned down from the full-on race version. If you liked the P60s and the Six Stars, this is probably the ski for you.

You might want to give the Tigershark a try - it's supposed to fill the niche that the 5/6 Star held, but it's quite a different ski - much damper, less "pop" or rebound, but better in crud and soft stuff with just as much edge grip. I'm on a pair of the 10' tigersharks and I'd say they are a bit less forgiving than the 5 Stars, but not nearly as demanding as the 6 Star.
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Mat and Walt, I appreciate the reply and your help. I hope to demo some skis soon!


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