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Thanks to Bud Heishman for enabling my feet to fit into a pair of semi-plug Salomon X2 Lab boots, in order to replace my beloved Course Axes. I have literally V-shaped feet, narrow heels with toes that are wider than the met heads. I also have high (7 cm or 2.75”) rigid arches. Much grinding and punching gained sufficient clearance for my toes. Bud also ground down the heel of the foot board so the Salomon’s ramp angle would more closely replicate the angle of my Atomic CS 130s. Then he balanced the boots (2 ½ and 3 degrees) and installed heel and toe plates. We also found time to install Intuition Plug liners into my Atomics. Bud also built a set of custom footbeds for the Lab boots.

I cannot imagine not skiing in boots tuned to my feet and skiing style. The analogy I like to use; is to consider riding a road racing motorcycle without having the suspension totally dialed into my weight, riding style, and personal preferences. While skiing it is my boots, which transfer my thoughts into actions that allow my skis to fly over and through the snow.