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Review: 2008/09 Blizzard SLR

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Skier: level 8 on the infamous PSIA scale, like short turns, laying 'em over as far as I can
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 170
Skis : 2008/09 Blizzard SLR
Length : 167
Conditions : a couple man-made WROD's at Okemo. Temps were in the low-to-mid 30s, so some softening of the snow occurring. Usual soft stuff pushed to the side with scraped-off in the middle.

The review:

The expanded review: This was only my second day back on skis this season, so I was a bit nervous taking out a high-end ski, but I found this to be the most forgiving slalom ski I've ever been on. The skis definitely appreciate some healthy speed, and at heart they just want to carve -- but they still tolerated slow-and-skiddy turning as well, a quality that I've found to be a rare trait in any ski that has the word "race" printed on its top sheet.

Get them carving short radius turns and the edge grip becomes other-wordly. I honestly had trouble getting the edge to break loose unless I did something stupid technique wise. They plowed right through the pushed-up piles of man-made sugar on the trail sides. Turns just start themselves -- very, very easy to get into a rhythm of just banging out short radius turns.

They can be coaxed into making medium-radius turns, but the energy level of the ski seemed to drop off dramatically while doing so.

Caveats: I think the ski would require a very, very skilled pilot in real bumps or snow deeper then a few inches. Cranking out short-radius turns all day is a serious workout as well -- definitely not a ski for the lazy. I would be very ready to sit down when I reached the chairlift again.

Conclusion: Easily the most fun groomer-biased ski I've been on in a while. Not sure if I'll pick up a pair or not... it's not a ski that I really need (definitely want one though). As mentioned above, I think the ski requires a much better pilot then me in bumps (which I enjoy skiing). I hope to demo this ski again once some more terrain has been opened up to further explore it.
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Sweet! I had an 04/05 SLR, and it was a really, really good ski (Yuki picked up my matching GSR for one of his race kids). The GSR (with a VIST) was maybe the most fun high-speed freeski ever. Blizzard seems to always put out a solid race product that is fun to ski on.
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I had a couple of pair of mag SL's set up with Vist Speedlocks and yes, they were wonderful hard snow skis. I do miss them from time to time. I would be interested in getting on the GSR's.
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